India since ages has been a very religious land. Even though the mediums of worship differ to a great extent what binds all of Indians together is the faith In God.

Chanting cloaks and mantras I. E. Chants that can evoke positive energy In life are a commonplace here. The rich culture of yoga as a part of life and the goodness of arrived has now got an universal lifestyle approach. Our roots are strong and despite the westernizes and access to technology. We still celebrate festivals like Dalai or Did with complete rituals so the Indians is intact.

Indians are extremely secular and especially in the metros you will find people belonging to deferent castes coexisting peacefully and happily. Indian People and Religion: The language. Dance, religions. Music, various customs and architecture form the rich culture of India. Religious culture of India is one of the most diverse in the whole world.

It has been the birthplace of various religions of the world, which include Hinduism, Jansenism, Buddhism, and Schism. Some other important religions like Christianity, Muslims, Jews, Paris are also representative of the religious culture ofIndia. India Is a land of various languages. Every state of India Is representative of the respective language culture. One of the oldest languages of India Is Sanskrit, which dates back to 1 500 BC. Industry: The major economic sectors in India are the Agricultural Sector, Manufacturing Sector, Financial Sector, Services Sector, Industrial sector and infrastructure.

Agricultural sector is the mainstream of the Indian Economy and it accounts for about 20% of our GAP.CLC India ranked 10th when it comes to arable land of about 330 million hectares 0 India Is the arrest producer of coconuts, mangoes, bananas, milk and dairy products, cashew nuts, pulses, ginger, turmeric and black pepper. D World's second largest producer of rice, wheat, sugar, cotton, fruits and vegetables Manufacturing India is poised to become one of the largest manufacturing hub. The Industrial Production (II? ) index quick estimates data for April 2010 shows a growth of 19. 4 per cent in the manufacturing sector as compared to April 2009.The cumulative growth during April-March 2009-10 over the corresponding period of 2008-09 Is 10.

9 per .NET, according to the Ministry of Statistics and Programmer Implementation. 0 India is ranked 9th in Industrial production by UNDID. D Indian's Exports from SEE grew by 122% to US$49. 5 billion as per ministry of commerce.

0 India is the only country after Japan which has the largest number of companies that have been recognized for the excellence in quality by Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance IMP) committee.