BIOPSYCHOSOCIAL Natasha Marshall Argosy University February 28, 2010 Dr.

Hull Client Name: DNB DOB: April 14th, 1991 Age/Ethnicity: 18 years, 10 months, African American Dates of meeting: February 26, 2010 Date of Report: February 28, 2010 Counselor Trainee: Natasha Marshall Reason for Referral: Client felt overwhelmed with the pressure that is placed on her from her parents. Source for the report: This report is based on one interview with the client and me for forty-five minutes. Data was also reported from an initial intake form.Statement of the Presenting Concern: Client is a nineteen year old African American female who was home schooled till her sophomore year of high school. Client feels as if she is being treated unfairly as the oldest child. Client believes that her parents have an invisible fish line pulling her back, in which she has no freedom.

Although the client is no longer a resident at her parents’ home, she still feels as though they treat her like a child. Client also reports that her younger brother and sisters are not punished as nearly as much as she was as a child.Client feels sheltered and resentful for the favoritism that is portrayed in her family. Social/Family History: Client is the oldest of five children and her parents are still married for twenty-three years.

Client’s father was not around for a year of her life during her early ages. Clients mother homeschooled each child and her father is a math teacher in a regular school setting. Client reported a very close relationship with her family as she grew up and it still remains as close as it was when she was a child.Client has also reported having friends, but not able to seek the proper approving from her parents unless they were church members. Client has reported that as a child and now to an adult she was involuntarily pushed to attend church. Client wanted to clarify that she did not hate going to church, but as a child sometimes she just wanted to take a break.

Education and Training: Client has a high school diploma and is now seeking a BFA in Interior Design Vocational History/Military History: Client has no work history Interview and Behavioral Observations: Client was on time for her scheduled session.Client has on comfortable clothes. Client seemed very agitated and fidgety. Client was not able to maintain continuous eye contact. Client also had a nervous twitch in her legs as she became more frustrated or uncomfortable.

Client was able to project her true feelings on the current situation. Summary: Client is a nineteen year old African American who is having trouble gaining an adult approval from her parents. Client feels as if she is overly sheltered and has very little room for error. Client has reported doing exceedingly well through high school and the few years that she has been in college but does not receive recognition.Client shows that she is resentful of her brother and the favor he receives from their parents. Treatment Plan: 1.

Long-Term goals: Choose an extra-curricular activity without your parent’s consent that is fun and something you have been anxious to do. -Describe the feelings that you have making a decision without your parents telling you no. 2. Long-Term goals: Develop new activities for their family to participate in that will benefit everyone. -Describe how your relationship becomes closer with your family when you all are having fun together and how it makes you feel.

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