When given the task of writing a comparitive essay on high school and college, I would follow several steps to prepare, write, and review my essay.

First, I would examine my topic and do some prewriting, whether it be brainstorming, freewriting, webbing, or listing my ideas. I would then review my prewriting and see what I had enough of to work with. Did I have more similarities or differences? Which would make the better paper?Did I have at least two to three main points to work with and enough support for each? Would I have enough examples to support my statements? After deciding which method I had enough information for, I would develop my ideas further and create an outline. My outline’s format would depend on if I were going to develop my paper point by point or by the block method. Once I had decided on my method, I would make my outline and draft my first draft.

After drafting my first draft, I would make sure that I had followed my outline by reviewing my paper and writing in it outline format and comparing it to my original outline. I would then read for sentence level errors such as comma splices, fused sentences, and fragments. I would then check for lower level errors such as punctuation, capitalization, and spelling. This is the process for writing my comparison/contrast paper on the differences between high school and college.