Leayotta Karley Bibl 105 9/24/12 Discussion Board Forum Thread 1 From the reading of Courageous Faith: ch. 1-6, I have identified myself with the life of Moses. He portrayed a life with failures as well as received a second chance to overcome his past circumstances in his life. The parallels of Moses’s life to mine is similar in some ways due to the fact that I had to start over again with the help of God. Moses didn’t know what his purpose in life was as myself at present.

Do the actions and decisions that I make really make God happy and will everyone agree with me? Several years ago I graduated from high school and entered community college to start my studies for pre-med, but as I grew closer to graduation I saw the challenges in this career path. Then, I decided to change the major to Nursing in order for my credits to transfer from premed and make years spent in college less than in the Premed program. Both careers are highly competitive and honored in all countries of this world.

My main goal is to join a profession that will help me interact with people and show people Christ’s love for all humankind through myself. It’s a blessing to help people with their problems and be by their side when they need it as God does in our lives. So, now I having difficulties with standing with my decisions and believing that I will overcome these failures. I want my purpose in life to follow with what God wants me to do and not feel pressured by family or society.

There are times in my life when I feel hopeless and abandoned by everyone. I want to stay strong, but my emotions take over me and cause me emotional distress. This allows me to lose faith and trust in God when nothing seems to be going the way I want in life. From Moses’s life he didn’t understand that God does no abandon his children even if we make wrong decisions in our past. God knows that humans will sin and choose the wrong path, but if they make God their friend and have complete faith in him everything will turn good.

We need God by our side due to our chances of falling again are more likely if we leave his presence and take matters into our hands. We should not belittle God’s power and ask for wisdom in everything we do. As in the same way God helped Moses he will help us and make us great leaders in any field of study that we choose. We must glorify God and he knows our heart’s weakness, but he will help us overcome our failures and succeed in life.