In the movie, Bambi, we can clearly see an image of nature that this movie portrays. There is no need to look hard for nature. The whole movie dealt with nature, and did not even have one man made thing in the entire movie.
In watching this movie, I saw nature as a sacred thing.

For example when Bambi was born, the whole community got together and celebrated the birth of a new animal. All the animals were also surrounded by the beautiful landscape of trees, flowers, plants, woods, and the sun. I also think that during the storms which occurred in this movie, were portrayed as evil and strong, but after it went away then it became beautiful again. Where as humans can be evil and dangerous to nature, but we cannot make it beautiful again.

We just make it disappear.
As never having seen this movie, I was paying close attention to every detail.. The gun shots got me very interested. The gun shot seemed to echo throughout the whole movie in my head.

After hearing it once, it made me look at what nature was doing, in case it happened again. I understood how nature has to battle us (humans) everyday of their life. Not knowing when we will strike. We can clearly see man vs. nature in this part of the film.

We are taking over their land, and they were their first. Soon there will be no place for them to go. When Bambis mother gets killed by a human, you feel so sad for Bambi. He did not understand what happened.

It was very interesting to see the birds flying in the sky, then the gunshots. All of the animals knew when they were close, upon their land. But all the animals could do was run, some made it, but some did not. But nature just did not have to battle man, it also had to battle nature. In the movie Bambi had to fight with another deer to get to the female deer that he wanted.

They fought using their antlers, and their powerful bodies. Also all of nature had to fight the fire which was spread by the humans, many animals had to adapt to new habitats. Nature does not only fight man, but it also fights itself.
The different noises that went on in the film caught my attention.

The birds chirping made a very beautiful sound, very musical. Thumper, the rabbit made different noises using different types of nature. He would thump on a dead tree, the ground and a hollow tree. This noise was very loud and interesting. You could also hear the wind in the movie.

The noises I believed improved the movie. It is interesting to see how animals can make different noises using nature.
There were also different seasons within this movie. In the beginning of the film Bambi was born, when there were flowers, the sun was out and everything was beautiful. As winter approached trees, plants and flowers soon began to decay.

And even some animals sleep in this season (ex. Flower). Winter is thought of as a sad, slow season. Bambi thought it was too long. Death is often in winter, and this occurred to Bambis mom.

Soon, the spring was approaching and the snow started to melt, and grass soon began to grow again. Flowers started to bloom, and it was soon becoming bright and beautiful out. This spring season is known as the mating season. Soon a beautiful season will bring more beautiful nature. This then brings us to a new cycle, and we start over again.

I believe that this movie depicted nature very good. We saw it from an animals point of view, rather then a humans point of view which made it more interesting. This film went through and showed what went on during certain seasons, and what certain animals do. This movie, I believe is one of the best that shows a very clear view of what nature is.

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