The Shakespearean tragedy Macbeth, though written over 400 years ago, still has relevance to today's modern society.

These are connected through the issues in the text such as the idea of revenge and the theme of appearance vs. reality, the conventions of tragedy seen through Macbeth, context, language techniques, dramatic techniques and characterization. Revenge, a theme which occurs frequently throughout Macbeth, creates a connection between Shakespearean era several hundred years ago and now.Revenge Is an Inbuilt annalistic Instinct which Macbeth struggles with; we can relate to this today because revenge Is common In modern day society, whether the simple 'eye for an eye' or the popular culture TV show 'Revenge' based on the revenge of one girl on a town which she believes has wronged her.

"Be comforted. Let's make us medicines of our great revenge, To cure this deadly grief. (IV, Ill) Shakespeare uses themes which will remain relevant throughout time, as revenge Is an emotion all humans experience.Another common issue in the text is appearance vs. reality, an idea which is echoed throughout the story.

Macbeth and Lady Macbeth both find it difficult to distinguish what is real and what is an illusion; whilst themselves disguising who and what they are really doing, "A dagger of the mind, a false creation. " (II, l)"Look like the innocent flower but be the serpent under. " (1, V) These two quotes illustrate first of all Macbeth realizing the dagger he was seeing was not real (ADD IN LADY ACHEBE SLEEP WALKING SCENE BLOOD ON HANDS) and Lady Macbeth urging Macbeth to be deceptive.There are many examples of things not being what they seem in today's society- valuing someone's looks more than their personality, news stories being wished to create a story, politicians saying what their audience wants to hear.

Although these particular issues were not relevant in Shakespearean time, the theme of appearance vs. reality remains significant. Aspects of tragedy are seen through the character Macbeth, who fits the criteria for this genre. He is an 'anti-hero', he has motivations based on self-interest, makes a train of bad decisions then accepts his fate with stoic calm.

These conventions are present in many of today's modern tragedies such as the downfall of POLITICAL MATTERS. Modern tragedy still affects people as much as Shakespearean tragedy affected his audiences; an equivalent of Macbeth being Amy Whininess, once successful singer until she spiraled down into a pit of alcohol, mental illness and drugs until meeting her death. Once Macbeth realizes he will die, he faces it calmly, 'Yet I will try the last. Before my body I throw my warlike shield.Lay on, Macadam," (V, VI') The Tragedy of Macbeth Is significant today because the aspects of modern tragedy and Shakespearean tragedy have scalar features, making this applicable to modern life. Many of the values of Shakespearean time are no longer so relevant to today's society; such as the Importance of religion and the terrible consequences of recycled.

However these are still reflected In recent times; the assassination of John. F Kennedy being a modern equivalent of regicide and the death of Duncan, powerfully affecting America, leaving their countries in chaos.Many beliefs and principles have remained the same such the characters in Macbeth and today's society often deem as more important; in this quote Machete's greed overpowers his loyalty to the king, " I am settled and bend up ACH corporal agent to this terrible feat. " (l, VI') Julia Gaillardia also overlooked her previous loyalty to Kevin Rude so as to take over his position; this shows that human nature doesn't change which is why Shakespearean writings are still relevant today.

The language used in Macbeth conveys many different feelings like unease and doubt which are applicable today. Various techniques such as oxymoron's and irony are all used to create different emotions such as nervousness and a sense of mystery. This is demonstrated in irony attached to statements of loyalty and honor, He was a gentleman on whom I built an absolute trust. "( l, 'V) This is ironic as Macbeth becomes Dunce's ultimate betrayer; the technique helps to create tension and apprehension in the audience, creating a sense of dread of the following events.

Shakespeare stirs up emotions in Macbeth, a parallel to some powerful media in our times such as the TV show 'A Current Affair' which signposts the audience into what to feel. Another technique used to create emotions such as doubt that is still relevant today is the oxymoron. The oxymoron helps to create confusion of the scene, "and thing is. But what is not.

"( l, Ill) Through his mastery of the written language, Shakespeare shows that although his plays were written some time ago, they are still relevant today.Macbeth is still relevant today especially when performed on stage, because the action involves the audience by engaging their imagination rather than just showing them visually what happens. Shakespeare used inference in dialogue; none of the murders are on stage so the audience is able to think for themselves. "What is that noise? It is the cry of women, my good lord.

.. The Queen, my lord, is dead. " (V,V) Shakespearean ability to use language and stagecraft to imply rather than show significant events is relevant today because it is a less used technique.Film leaves little room for the imagination, which is why Shakespearean Macbeth, which raises important ideas, is so important for our modern society to view and learn from.

Shakespeare created dramatic characters, with realistic traits which are present in all humans. His two main characters Macbeth and Lady Macbeth both have qualities which cause the audience to feel emotions towards them whether pity, anger or rustication. Macbeth is very ambitious, "The Prince of Cumberland! That is a step on which I must fall down or else overlap for in my way it lies. (IM) Ambition is valued in our time, which can create admiration, though not for his actions. Another feature present in Macbeth is his strong anxiety, which affects his actions.

"Ere we will eat our meals in fear, and sleep in the affliction of these terrible dreams. That shake us nightly. " (111,11) Lady Macbeth starts as a strong, ruthless character but turns into a pitiable person, despairing and slowly losing her mind. Out damned spot!.

.. What, will these hands newer be clean? ( V,l) Shakespearean flawed characters create a link between today's human being and themselves, having the same human nature and the same traits. The text raises important, enduring ideas and feelings that are applicable through Shakespearean lasting themes and issues; the conventions of tragedy; context; language techniques; dramatic techniques and characterization.

All these are a link between the play and today's society because human nature doesn't change. People are the prime illustration as to why the Shakespearean tragedy