I strongly believe that we are now closer than ever before to achieving singularity and artificial intelligence. There are several areas in which human beings have been hailed for having developed artificial intelligence.

The late Steve Jobs is hailed for having developed the iphone, which is a favorite of millions of people around the globe. In addition, android phones have flooded the market. These phones are artificial intelligence based; they have software that provides a platform for site based services. Governments in the developed countries are funding the military to come up with weapons that do not require the use of human work force. For instance, drones that are operated from a remote computer are already in use.

As much this may save human lives, it also endangers human life as the whole process is automate and does not involve any human emotion and may lead to unwarranted deaths in case of an error. Generating artificial intelligence means that many people lose out on employment. This has already been realized as many people have lost jobs to machines as a way of reducing labor costs. I believe that the world is better off without singularity. There is much more when a human face interacts with another.

There are feelings and emotions involved unlike the use of artificial intelligent gadgets. These gadgets are created to enhance productivity but the survival of mankind is not based on this things. After everything is altered can human beings eat money? Though a malevolent computer in the movie ‘2001’ has not been realized, I believe we are creating the demise of human kind by embracing artificial intelligence.