This paper provides a critical art review of a painting. The work under research was performed by Brenda Bogard. This is a landscape painting and it is oil based.

It is a very attractive and beautiful image which was shot at the Emporium in Knoxville, TN at S. Gay Street. It depicts a gorgeous and amazing estate located amidst a field and very tall trees. The painting is rich in bright colors.

The house is white and its roof is red, which makes its general colors rather contrasting. The location of the estate is particularly marvelous. It is a vivid example for designers how they can use their skills to construct a flamboyant structure in a hilly area. Besides, the house is well protected by trees from different sides, thus making it look as a comfortable and cozy residence. All these artistic details are aimed at making it look more aesthetic and conspicuous from a distance. The image is reinforced with perfect lighting which clearly indicates that the work was skillfully performed.

The picture implements a series of colors ranging from red and green to blue and white. The main object of attention, which is the building, is placed almost in the center of the picture. This shows how the author carefully planned the use of available space. This effect is caused by the elongation of shades which irregularly appear in the background. Each object in the picture in endowed with a good and proportional shape. As a consequence, it is easy for one to distinguish all the objects included in the picture such as the house, red flowers, hills, thicket and coniferous trees.

The presence of sky and clouds expands the available view of the landscape even further. The whole format of the picture under research is accurately honed. Each object and image is distinctly placed at strategic positions, thus making it easier to spot them as independent objects. All the images in the foreground, middle ground and background are given appropriate colorings. For instance, the clouds and sky in the background are whitish and blue. The picture is performed artistically and professionally, thus indicating a high level of the author’s expertise and mastery.

The painting looks lively and realistic.