George Orwell
Main Characters:
Protagonist: The protagonist of my story was Napoleon the pig. When the story stareds out, it appeared that Napoleon might be the antagonist, but as the story unfolded, he was revealed as the protagonist.

Napoleon was a very smart pig and shows this by leading the animals to victories over humans and by managing time and working the animals efficiently.
Antagonists: There were two main antagonists to Napoleon. The first one was Jones. Jones was the owner of the farm before the animals took it over. He was very cruel to Napoleon and the other animals and he often underfed them. The second antagonist of this story was Snowball the pig.

Snowball and Napoleon had opposite ideas on everything. Snowball acted like he was the good guy (or pig in this case) until the time that the animals supposedly found secret documents that said that Snowball was incohutes with Jones. Snowball also spread a lot of lies around about Napoleon.
Events in Summary:
What happened first: The first thing that happened in my book Animal Farm was that the animals over took the Manor Farm. The "revolution," as they called it, was achieved with great ease. Jones had gotten so drunk at a bar that he did not get home until noon and then went to sleep until late that evening.

The animal had gone unfed that whole day. Then one of the cows could not stand it any more and broke the door to the store-shed. She and the rest of the cows started eating the feed in the shed. This commotion awoke Jones, and he and his farm hands came at the cows with whips.

The other animals then began the attack by butting and kicking the men. Jones and his men then retreated and the animals had won the Manor Farm.
What happened next: The next thing that happened in this book was that Snowball was chased out of Animal Farm, formerly Manor Farm. On every decision there was to be made, Snowball and Napoleon had totally opposite opinions. The animals decided that there needed to be one leader of the whole farm. There needed to be an election.

Before the actual election, both pigs had a chance to speak. The vote was dead even until Snowball gave his speech. On Napoleon's turn, he let out a very strange squeal and nine huge dogs tried to put a "hit," as the mob calls it, on Snowball, but he just barely escaped, never to be seen again.What happened Last: The last thing that happened in my book was that the pigs basically morphed into humans. Over the next few years after the Snowball fiasco, the pigs slowly changed. First they stopped working on the farm and started supervising the work.

Second, they moved into the farm house and slept on beds. Third, they started talking to the humans and conducting business with them. Fourth, they started wearing human clothes. Finally, they started walking on two legs instead of four.

When standing side-by-side, most of the animals on the farm could not tell the difference between a human and a pig.
Theme: the theme of my book is possibly all animals are equal no matter what their rank on the food chain.
Symbols: Snowball and Jones=evil, bad Napoleon=good Squealer=interpreter, a go-between
Evaluation: I did not really enjoy this book. The reason is mainly because it was really hard to believe. I do not really like books that are "way-out-there," if you know what I mean.

If you really like books that take you away to a very far away place, then you would really enjoy it. Even though I did not like the book, I thought it was written very well.