Adam Candler is the best actor of all time.

I would like to say he is very funny on camera. My favorite movie by him is The Johan. This actor, has had some of the funniest movies I have ever laid eyes on. Candler has been in countless movies, like Happy Gilmore, That's My Boy, and the Water Boy.

The first thing I would like to say about Adam is that he is very talented. No matter what role Eve seen him play in a movie he always makes the situation fun and happy. His overall ego makes me laugh almost 2417 in his films. In The Johan Adam is continually funny at mocking the Middle Eastern accent.Also the plot that he uses in the movie making him to look like a super commando is pretty believable by his actions. I believe can adapt to any situation.

He really seems to know how to work with others and make things funny. In Happy Gilmore, Adam is very good at working with other actors on the film. My favorite part in that movie was when Adam and Bob Barker get into a fight, and Bob Barker beats the crap out of Happy. I probably laughed for 10 minutes straight after that. Second off I would like to talk about how funny Adam Candler is.There has not en a single movie I have watched by him that I haven't laughed at.

He is Just such a funny man, every Joke is great. I have previously read that he reads the script and just goes with it. I believe that he can make any situation funny. For example in the Johan, Candler is super funny with his mockery of the Iraq super-commandos. He had a perfect accent that was identical to all Middle Eastern people as I mentioned earlier. This made me laugh over and over throughout the movie.

Just the way Adam says things to the audience seems hysterical.