The best training ground for every deserving student is in fact, the University of Arizona. Its education is the food market of the human mind. It fuels the student’s professional growth and thrusts him towards definite directions in his day to day activity. Furthermore, this university is his watering holes from which he quenches his thirsts and draws his strength as he travels treks through his arduous journey towards excellence and fulfillment. Over the years, this institute has able to mold its graduates into becoming professionals with superb brilliance, genuine dignity and outstanding values.

From that day I stepped into this mammoth training ground, I was convinced this University would mean more than life to me. Its warm people, specialized programs and well-prepared curricula are the best tools to guide and shape a freshman like me.

My first semester in the University of Arizona is a time of transition, in which I experienced inner transformation as well as realization of my worth as a young adult. I have realized, that with adulthood, comes responsibility. Responsibility is synonymous with obligation, dedication and perseverance. I have the obligation to make the best of my time and effort while studying, not only for the enrichment of myself but also for the benefit of those who have been backing me up in prayers and in thoughts.

Aside from these, I have realized that I am accountable to my actions and the little decisions that I make each day, to keep myself whole until that day I got that priceless sheet of paper to pursue my dreams and give back to my family and my country their rewards of life and love, as much as my parents have consented and gave their full trust and support to me, even though being in this university means to be miles and miles away from home. This university has taught me to be committed to every particular task I have, especially in my academics. These things could be as simple as doing my homework diligently or to bigger things like spending wisely every single penny my parents have worked for. Furthermore, this university has taught me to dedicate myself towards living up into its vision and mission and constantly strive to gain excellence not just mentally, but holistically.

Back from my humble and simple city in California, I used to misunderstand the independence I have. I relied solely with my parents and left all the household responsibilities to them. I hardly even washed the dishes, nor fixed my room! I did not even bother to clean the house or even my own mess.  I was used to having all things readily set and made available for me. I was reluctant with my studies and my dreams in life were vague. In fact, I enjoyed the company of friends and loved to stay outside shopping and partying, thinking these things would make me happy. But, I was wrong! Not that I have not yet matured that time, but I should say, I refused to grow.

Aside from responsibility, I have learned to possess the virtue of balance; where there is freedom, there should always be balance. In my quite life here, I have learned to live life on my own, prepare my food, wash my clothes, clean my room, do my homework and be at peace with everyone. I have to cope with the busy schedules in school and meet the deadlines and make sure that I have read my lessons in advance. Unlike before, I realized that am not getting any younger and that, in this busy world, one should always be in moderation, no matter how many the predicaments are.

Speaking of predicaments, my grandmother’s death was one of the most challenging experiences I have during my first semester here. I have been very close to her and being favored by her so much.  I never actually felt very far from home since she was always there beside me to cheer me up and inspire me. But with her death, I felt effortless with school. I was afraid to live alone and assume my responsibilities as a grown-up individual. So I had to go home most of the time.  But through constant effort and vivid plans in life, I have managed to make good in my first training at the University of Arizona. My grandmother’s death served as a challenge for me to believe in myself as much as she trusted me and believed in my potentials. In the real life, everything passes by and that all we need to do is to learn wholeheartedly from every particular experience and take that experience objectively for the betterment of ourselves.

I love this university, its people and the promises it holds for each student. Although, I am experiencing a difficult time to adjust to my classmates since all of us come from different states, and the harsh hot weather this State has, I still find this very challenging and exciting. Being in a big city like Tucson is no joke for a young student but I am willing to explore the opportunities this school provides, if these were to open chances of improvement. I love the excitements here, all the fun and the activities set for students. I love the way this institution has become a tool to shape me into a better a person.

I know it has only been a semester, but I could see how challenging the coming semesters would be. With the right training and education I have right now, I can see a brighter future not just for my self, for my family and also for my country. America has lots of intellectuals already!  This time, and in the years to come, what it needs are people who do not just have the minds but the heart as well! America needs citizens who are open to the growing changes in the society, taking into consideration the welfare of everybody. America needs people who, despite the diversities there are, remain to be a united and strong citizenry. The country’s effort of producing value-centered graduates demands no less! I am confident that the University of Arizona will make me and the rest of us here to be one of those people America has been longing for!