I use a mobile work related when I ring my friends or they ring me then they sometimes give me website addresses if I need help. I also use my calculator on my mobile for homework.

I can ring my friends or family if I am stuck on a question on my homework I could ring them and they could help me. I can even text them if I want because text turns out cheaper depending how much I want to say to them.I can use the MSN chartrooms on my mobile Internet (Orange World) and ask them for help. If I am in school I can ring my parents to bring my homework or my PE kit to school. I use the text messaging to ask my friends and family if they know an answer for a certain question.

I have a game on my mobile called 'Who Wants To Be a Millionaire' and that gives me knowledge when I play it. My phone has an alarm clock on it and I can put it on when I want to wake up for school. I use the camera on my phone to take pictures of the trips I go so I can put them on my course work if they are documentary pictures and I need them. I can get them on the computer from the USB cord, which comes with my phone.

Does the technology really meet your work related needs, if so how and if not why not? A Mobile meets my needs when I want to ring anyone, text, go on the Internet, chat or when I want to check date and time. I also use my mobile to take photos record voice and video record. A mobile meets my needs if I am in an emergency or I have to get a message through to someone very quickly I could give them a call quickly. If I want to text anyone also in an emergency I can text someone.

Some companies like Orange give me free text messages when I top up 10 GBP and that is a very good deal.I use the calculator on my mobile if I need it when I need to calculate a problem. With only a few pence I could get onto the Internet from my mobile and chat to my friends on MSN messenger or I could check me mail or email anyone in particular from my mobile. The email companies I could go on Yahoo and Msn.

If I have a query form the company supplying me with the line I am using I could give them a quick call. I can check me sent mail and my received mail even though I had received it from days or weeks ago. I can put a password for my sim card and my mobile so no one can go on my phone, which I haven't allowed them. I can sue the blue tooth to share files with my mates and family. I can check my mail from my mobile Internet saying my GCSE grade or any other important information like that.

I use the alarm clock for me to remember important information or important dates.What are the disadvantages in using the technology work related? (Law) The disadvantage of mobile is that it can stop the brain of a young child stop growing. (If you put your mobile in your pocket the boys can get testicular cancer and ladies which put there mobiles in there handbags and put there handbags on there shoulder can get breast cancer). A mobile can also get lost or stolen. If a mobile brakes down it can cost a lot to fix and it some times cannot even get fixed.

The USB cord of a mobile can brake and so it would cost a lot for a replacement. It is the same with a charger if I loose it or break it I will have to buy another one.The screen of the mobile can crack and that unable the stuff on the screen to show. In most schools I am not allowed to take my mobile to school and if I do and the school finds out it will get confiscated and I would not be able to get it back for a day or so and my mum would not be very pleased with me. A mobile can turn on by it self because a button on the mobile could get pressed down by accident and it would turn on and if I am in an important place where I am not allowed to turn on my mobile or someone shouldn't find out I have a mobile I could get it taken form me or some bad people might find out and nick it from me.

I could get beaten up just because someone wants my phone and I could even die or get badly injured. When I have an email from my friend and I want to read it the internet on my phone might not work or it might say no signal, I could be in big trouble if that email was very important and I needed it for my homework.What alternatives are there for the technology? (They may not be ICT) If I don't have a mobile that will mean I will have to use a calculator except for the calculator on my phone. I will have to use a phone box to phone my friends and family and I also can use the home phone.

I will have to use the Internet on my Internet on my computer and I also have to use the Chat room on my computer. I will have to play games on the computer, my Nintendo DS, PSP, PS2, PS1, Game Boy Advance or a board game. I will have to use the alarm clock on my clock. I would not be able to text. I can use a digital camera to get photos.Could you do without the technology? If not WHY? I can do without a mobile because everything I need is on a mobile is provided all around me but it just isn't compact.

 3a EVALUATION Television Describe how you use the technology personally? I use a television personally when I want to watch different programs which I like or when I am bored. It makes me less bored and I can watch exciting films.I use a TV personally when I want to play a video, which I have bought from a video shop. I can also connect the play station to my TV so I can play on the play station the games wish to play. I can also connect the satellite to my TV as well so I can watch foreign TV in different languages.

I also have sky so I can watch up to around a thousand programs if I want. Sky also has music channels so I can watch music videos. I sometimes watch quiz programs example Who Wants To Be A Millionaire or Brain Teaser if I want to test my knowledge. I can bring cartoon channels if I want and even French channels if I want to improve my languages for my lesson or if I have an exam coming up soon. I also use it personally whenDoes the technology really meet your personal needs, if so how and if not why not? A television meets my needs when I am bored or when I want to see something specific example a documentary film that I might need to take notes for my science essay. I sometimes have nothing to do all day so I just sit in front of a television and watch different programs and if I don't like the program on I can go to sky or satellite and watch those programs.

I can fix my play station to the television if I don't like any of the programs at all and play the games of the play station I have got. I have a camera connected to the entrance of my house and if I hear someone knock and I want to see who it is first I turn on my television and I check who it is before I open the door. I can connect a video player to my television if I want to play a video that I want to watch on the TV or I can record the program on the television if that is important or I like it on a blank video. I can also connect a DVD player to my television and play a DVD of my choice on the television.What are the disadvantages in using the technology personally? (Law) The disadvantage of a television is that it can brake down and thieves want it because it costs a lot.

Most the time thieves will brake into my house to steal my television. If a television brakes down it will cost a lot for its repair. A television might have some bad programs, which are not suitable for kids, and I cannot always stop them from going onto the programs.I could loose the remote of the television and I would need to look everywhere for the remote because at the bottom of the television does not have all the buttons that I need to use. I would eat more when I sit in front of the television and I could put a lot of weight on and I could become fat. Instead of me going out to get fresh air and become fit I sit in front of the television watching the programs I want and become fat.

If I become over weight I can't really do much I'll just have to go to the gym every day and people can bully me at school if I go fat. So there are a lot of consequences for me to face if I just sit in front of the television instead of going out side getting fresh air.What alternatives are there for the technology? (They may not be ICT) Instead of a television I can read the newspaper to see what the news is and read the newspaper to get the weather forecast. If I don't have a television I cant play with my play station so instead I can play with my Nintendo DS or Game Boy Advance because they don't require a television for me to play with them. I can also play with my PSP if I want.

If I want to watch a video there is no other way to watch a video if I don't have a television. If I have a DVD I want to watch I can insert it in the computer to watch the DVD.I cant have the teletext but I can go to the shop to get a magazine showing what programs would be on and the teletext has the winning lottery numbers and I can check on the computer or I can go to a shop which provides lotteries and I can get the lottery numbers from there. I cannot watch sky, satellite or NTL World if I don't have a television.

I can also listen to the news from the radio or the radio on my MP3 player. I can even hear the weather if I want to know what the weather would be later on the day and I can listen to that from my MP3 player. Could you do without the technology? If not WHY? I can do without a television because I can do most stuff I want to do on a television on other technologies. All I need from a television is the video player but I can instead get all the videos put on a DVD so I can play it on a computer so that is alright.