When I visualize my gestation period I picture my mother with her feet up sitting in a rocking chair while my father digs through the freer to find her a late night snack. She reads to a soothing lullaby while I lay back and focus on her calm relaxing voice. I go on to picture myself being born to a loving family we reside in a small but happy home with a white picket fence and a little dog.

Although my childhood was not quite this roses, I must confess it was not quite as bad as MR. shaker. His gestation period was spend in prison. His mother Affine Shaker was in serving time on a boom charge.Outpace was raised in the Bronx and where he learned and participated In theater at and early age.

When he was 13 he had his first performance at Apollo theatre where he performed In a stage play of the rascals In the sun for Jessie James 1984 presidential campaign. During tuba's youth and adolescences the shrug family moved around a lot, This was mainly due to Affine drug addition and spotty arrest record. When Outpace was 17 he attended the Baltimore School of the Arts. It was here that he honed in on his theatre skills. The school had video footage of an interview he one when he was about 17.

In the interview he really seemed like he enjoyed the school and all It had to offer. Due to his home situation he had to stop going and move crossed county from Baltimore to Marin County, California. I don't think It was a coincidence that he never attended school again. IT is in Marin County that he meant Leila Sternberg and the rest is as they say History.

When he was brutally murder in 1996 he had stared in 7 movies, and sold over 75 million records making him one of the worlds top selling artist. It is a know fact that he had his share of implication with the law.You would think someone with so many accomplishment would be somewhere with their feet up enjoying the fruits of their labor but this Isn't always the case. I recently research Erik Erosion's work on psychosocial development. To be honest I agree with a lot of his beliefs. When he stated that personality is developed in a serious of stages I couldn't agree more.

As a fan tuning in on his life I could see the changes in his personality through his music and TV appearance. When he first came Into the music industry he made song like Bread's got badly.Which dealt with his more humanistic side, the song discuss the important of the community overseeing the youth and what can and do happen when they don't. What I admired most of MR..

shaker was his humanistic views he wrote song like Keep hay head up which dealt with the struggle that woman go through on the regular bases, this song also address our government and some of the corrupt dealing and how they can at times focus on the wrong issues Outpace has constantly admit on a few different occasions (great spot for sources) the debutante abuse of his mother drug additions.