It includes storing and rapidly performing a series of sequential tasks. Schedule Is a written or printed list of the times set for certain events. Scheduling Is the allotment of data resources over a time period in order to perform tasks. Class scheduling is an important and complicated task of school's administrators.

This task includes making schedules of classes, instructors, rooms. The subjects, instructors, rooms and the students, as data resources, must be efficiently and carefully matched without any time conflicts for best utilization of schedules. Patria Cools 2002) B.Background of Study In college and university, teacher is a person, who plays the major role of building the career of the student.

The teachers teach different lessons to their learners which they can use for their future career. Faculty Instructors are being selected based on For the past years, student's population is continuously increasing but still processes are done manually. Class scheduling is done manually by the school's administrators, I. E. Dean of the college.

Another is the process of distributing workloads among the occult members which is a task that requires planning.Preparing of class schedules and distributing of workloads to teachers are done by every college manually which are subjected to human errors. In connection with this, the researcher then came up with the idea to develop a system entitled "Automated Class Scheduling System" to help the dean in generating a schedule, to help the instructors and the students to have an accurate and non- conflicting time schedules, and to prepare and organize workload for instructors. C.

Research Description Objectives (General and specific)This study aims to provide an effective, accurate, and fast scheduling system for the colleges of LISP-Occasional Campus. Specifically, the study aims to 1 . To gather the needed information (subjects, instructors, rooms and the students); 2. To identify and use appropriate methodology in solving the problem; 3. To identify and use the programming languages that will help in the problem solving or in the creation of the system; and 4. To create a system that has the capability of checking and printing the consolidated workload of instructors.

Manageability (Scope and limitations)The study focuses on the scheduling system of classes, instructors, and rooms for the departments of the LISP-SC (CSS, CASE, CAST, CHEM., CABMAN and CUTE departments). It can generate schedules for regular classes, instructors, and rooms. It has the capability to auto-generate the time and the room of a schedule without conflicts. It can control the maximum load of a part-time instructor and regular instructor.

It can trace the location of the students or instructors, based on their schedules. It can add, edit, and delete a room, instructor, subjects, and course.It can produce a printed pop of generated schedules class, instructor, and room. Anyone can use the system provided that they are locally connected to the server where the system has been installed but only the dean and the dean's personnel, as authorized users, can generate schedules of classes. Laboratory High School and Pre-Elm are not included because the schedule is semester-based.

Angelical Campus Schedules are not included due to its geographical location which is impossible to connect through Local Area Network. Students since their schedule is in a per request basis. Schedule of Activities Table 1.