E-commerce raise many issues regarding the application of existing regulations and issues such as tax law, commercial codes and consumer protection which have received a lot of attention. E-commerce promote the development and availability of information technologies and access of advanced net-works either by means of conventional telecommunications policy measures or through other appropriate policy instruments foots may also have to consider what policies, if any, might encourage the trends towards lower prices and thus accelerate connectivity which can lower social class difference.

Openness has emerged as a strategy by increasing in e-commerce, which erode the geographic boundaries. It will come transformations of customers/citizens for better (e. g. increased transparency, competition) or far worse (e. g. potential invasion of privacy) in economy and society. It may also pose a subversive threat to totalitarian government like China. In China's, the challenge is how to benefit from Internet technology without experiencing negative political impact.

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(Trioli, 1996) Trioli, Paul S.(1996) "Up, Up and Away-With Strings Attached (internet Growth in China)", China Business Review 23(6), 18-29. E-commerce increase international trade will generate pressures to reduce differences in regulatory standards for newly tradable products. For example WTO had been analysised some issues on e-trade. Moreover, issue of sales taxes on goods or services purchased over the Internet poses a problem for many governments that rely on sales tax revenue to fund government programmes and services. In USA, you can buy stuffs from E-bay to avoid the tax.

So, EU (European Union) is considering a proposal to impose sales taxes on Internet purchase by customers. It already has a method for taxing B2B transaction over the internet. As technology grows, newer & newer appliances are available. One of the latest & popular communications innovation is the Video Conferencing (VC) which are the computer telephony Integration (CTI). VC changes the ways of human communication. In the past, written letters and telephone calls are the main communication channels.

However, nowadays, human can enjoy sitting in front of the webcam and communicate with others by VC. This face-to-face convenient communication can strong the relationship of family an friends. In US, a survey finding US shared that 66% respondents noted VC has increased the frequency of meetings with remote groups. (Louisville, 2004). VC is widely used in Education especially in e-learning/distance learning. Hong Kong students can collaborate with UK students or students from all over the world easily.

It increases the need for courses on using the basic VC hardware and software and on presentation skills. To encourage the use of video conferencing on Europe's education, and training communities, the EU-funded SAVIE project (Support Action to Facilitate the Use of VC in Education), offers oriented orientation and training sessions for beginners and advanced VC users. VC has a dramatic effect on the way people do business and the increase of productivities. It can share any type of info such as pictures, graphs, slides and softw3are, etc.

Decisions are made faster; bringing products or services to market quicker; and enabling forms to stay ahead of their competitors. People do not need to travel long distant for business by using VC. It helps to save travel time. The hiring cycles for key employees is shorten. It also reduces travel cost. However, the postal services and letter/documents delivery service are affected due to the need of written letter/paper document is lower. The US Secretary of Army authorized a public charity, the Freedom Calls foundation to provide communication services to the troops and their families.

VC is become a useful tool for government to hold regional, national and international conferences especially in law, and medical sectors. During the SAPS period, under the concerned with health safety, doctors, experts and government officers from many countries used. VC for discussion, data research and experience share instead of traveling to other countries for meeting countries. However, the standard and quality of VC depends on telecommunication connectivity and bandwidth, country infrastructure & resources.

Therefore, government should plant policy measures to improve the situation also have the responsibilities to help the development of telecommunication facilities on less-developed countries. The rapid IT development has caused a lot of changes and impact on economic, social and political environment. We know that all these factors are correlated and mutual affected. All the factors can affect the running of the business. Therefore, an IT professional/management, we have to consider the whole and integrate real-world issue for IS strategic planning and IS development.