Administrations today face a invariably altering concern environment. Increasing planetary competition and rapidly progressing engineering are making an economic system necessitating administrations to construct a flexible and develop extremely skilled work force ( Vicere, 2000 ) as cited in ( Long and Smith, 2004 ) . The strategic function of the HR map means being involved in strategic planning from the beginning and fiting employee resources with concern demands ( Panayotopoulou et al. , 2007 ) .Technology comes to the deliverance in cut downing the tenseness between the strategic and administrative duty ( Ellig, 1997 ) as cited in ( Panayotopoulou et al.

, 2007 ) Not merely is the engineering altering quickly, but the rate of alteration is increasing perceptibly ( Sampson, 1998 ) .Previously, cyberspace was used merely to obtain and portion information. However, administrations started gaining the importance of engineering and cyberspace became the chief tool for direction and operations everyplace.

2. HRIS in a nutshell

In an administration, there is ever a demand to get by with the increasing volume of information and maintain it. The earlier manual systems of operations make it really hard to pull off such burden.

Besides, manual care shackles the efficiency.Changing legal environments and the turning per centum of white-collar workers created an increasing demand for the Information systems ( Hennessey, 1979 ) and since so many organisations began to develop externally facing cyberspace sites that included inactive content as the mission statement, description of merchandises and services, profiles of senior directors, and contact information for clients, providers, investors, occupation searchers, and the imperativeness ( Christie, 2002 ) .Human Resource Information System ( HRIS ) is a portion of the many available Information systems in an administration. It can be can be defined as:The complex of database, computing machine application and hardware and package necessary to collect/ record, shop, manage and deliver, present and manipulate informations for Human Resources ( HRs ) .

( Mohanty and Tripathy, 2009 )

E-HRM: Significance and Growth

E-HRM refers to carry oning the HR activities and maps through HRIS. The basic use of e-HRM started during the 1990 's. Many administrations developed the HR intranet sites for the internal communicating of employees. Apart from communicating, intranet is besides used on a regular basis to give regular updates to the employees about the administration and its operation. The HR groups in the company AlliedSignal have been developing web sites since 1997 that focus on benefits, acquisition and other employee countries ( Christie, 2002 ) .

E-HR is non merely cost-efficient but it besides has velocity and truth. E-HRM is acquiring accepted global because of it advantages. It aims at doing information available to directors and employees at anytime and anyplace. E-HR has an impact on every country of HRM and hence it eases its operation. More and more companies have started utilizing the map of eHRM, to actively back up their HR their concern direction ( Shrivastava and Shaw, 2004 ; Hussain et al. , 2006 ; Lepak et Al.

2007 ) cited in ( Beulen,2009 ) .

Table 1: Percentage of clip spent by staff on HR activities

( as adapted from Sleezer et. Al, 2002 ) ( Pg. 44 )

The above pie-chart brings to our notice that antecedently, around 74 % of the HR staffs clip was spent on pull offing the administrative activities which left them with 12 % clip for the strategic HR planning and for HR consultancy. However, the displacement from the traditional HRM to e-HR helped in taking attention of the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours administrative activities patterns give rise to several effects on the function of HRM. Assorted databases were created for every HR activity which non merely increased the efficiency but besides brought up the productiveness.

A major consequence of the displacement from traditional HRM to e-HR is that is enables HR employees to concentrate more on the strategic, value-added activities. Less administrative and paperwork and it allows the HR professionals to give more productive clip to other strategic maps of their profession. On the other manus, this may besides intend that with the usage of e-HR, fewer HR professionals are needed, because e-HR eliminates the `` HR jobber '' ( Lengnick-Hall and Moritz, 2003 ) as cited in ( Panayotopoulou et. Al, 2007 )E-HR was adopted to acquire the undermentioned cardinal rights: increased operational efficiency, lower costs and better service to the terminal users of HR information and procedures and all this to be done with merely the chink of a button ( Christie, 2002 ) . HR transmutation attempts in organisations have produced procedure efficiencies and have shifted administrative work into shared services or outsources service Centres. ( Christie, 2002 ) .

However, the primary nature of work remains unchanged. Dell computing machines is a authoritative illustration of such system as they have undertaken the theoretical account of e-HR through which they can engage, reassign, promote and alteration wage for single employees- all online, all on their ain. Controls for the most are built into the system, instead than onto the HR staff. ( Christie, 2002 )

Functioning of e-HRM

The chief usage of the HRIS is fundamentally done by the HR staff as compared to the other employees in the administrations. It is the HR section in an administration that has to maintain a path of the employee informations.

Because of the technological alterations and the new company benefits, all staff may non be on site everyday of the hebdomad. Rather, employees can work more independently as the information is literally at their fingertips ; nevertheless, with engineering, directors have the ability to run studies and utilize tracking devices to `` see '' what employees are making during their day-to-day modus operandis. Persons can be monitored on everything from how many files they open to how many alterations they really make in merely one file ( Lawson and Sleezer, 2002 )The Human resources section in any administration manages most of its maps through these HRIS. Recruitment & A ; choice, developing & A ; development, public presentation direction are all considered and looked upon by the HR functionaries on a regular basis in order to maintain themselves updated and supply benefits to rest of the employees.

Let us travel through some of the outstanding HR maps managed and allow us seek to understand how the use of e-HRM has helped to pull off these maps efficaciously.

4.1 Acquiring HR ( enlisting & A ; choice )

Recruitment and choice is one of the most of import activities that are being looked after by the HR staff. The cyberspace can ease the choice of the employees, particularly where long distances are involved. Furthermore, on-line enlisting brings significant benefits in footings of cost, clip, candidate pool and quality of response. The usage of engineering can besides better the sorting and contacting of campaigners.

The possibility of on-line enlisting has been much debated as a alone manner to enroll inactive occupation searchers. ( Panayotopoulou et al. , 2007 ) .The pattern of on-line enlisting is one of the most widely discussed maps of e-HR. Online enlisting refers to posting vacancies on the corporate web site in some instances, besides on an on-line recruiter 's web site, and leting appliers to direct their sketchs electronically via electronic mail or in some electronic format ( Galanaki, 2003 ) as cited in ( Panayotopoulou et al.

, 2007 ) . It besides includes the active hunt of the cyberspace and the location of the sketchs. Some administrations, let the appliers to upload their sketchs straight after look intoing the vacancies. Campaigners are shortlisted by the employers after look intoing their sketchs and the available occupation profiles.

Apart from this, Video conferencing and online trials, for illustration, have been extensively used at the early phases of the choice procedure and can accomplish dramatic cost and clip nest eggs ( Panayotopoulou et al. , 2007 ) . The consequences are so communicated to them through electronic mails. Once they are through with this 1st phase, the campaigners are so called in for a formal interview.Cisco offers a little different attack to eRecruiting.

Apart from updating their sketchs on its corporate web site, occupation searchers can come in informations about themselves-name, old company inside informations, occupation involvements, desired geographic locations, etc. Based on the information in the occupation searchers ' profiles, the site asks pre-screening inquiries designed to round out information about their work experience ( Christie, 2002 ) .

4.2 Web- based employee preparation

Changes decidedly happened in the HR activities in the administrations including the world of online acquisition that is now available in most of the administrations 24 hrs a twenty-four hours and 7 yearss in a hebdomad, the Internet as a addendum or alternate to classroom instructions, and accreditation for all the organisation 's preparation ( Lawson and Sleezer, 2002 )Assorted grounds have been offered to increase the use of web-based ( on-line ) preparation. Online preparation can be completed at any point of clip and from anyplace. Whenever the employees need it, they can merely take it ( Herther,1997 ) .

Organisations that continuously provide preparation and development chances to their employees can develop employee knowhow, therefore constructing a strategic plus that can take to a sustainable competitory advantage ( Long and Smith, 2004 ) .The HR by and large puts up a list of preparations available in the administration on its web site. However, employees need non needfully finish all of them. Web helps in cut downing the unneeded preparations by taking the appropriate 1. The rate of employees set abouting such preparations has besides gone up because on-line preparations can now be taken at any point of clip and from any topographic point. It can be taken as per the employee convenience.

However, the primary ground for encompassing web-based preparation is to cut down the costs of travel for trainees and teachers and for clip off the occupation to such travel ( Russ-Eft, 2002 ) as cited in ( Sleezer et. Al. 2002 ) .Globalisation has increased competition.

An administration in one state has to cover with its delegates and clients sitting in other parts of universe. Servicess are now outsourced globally. This has chiefly resulted in the improved growing of call Centres everyplace. Because of spread work force, the preparation started taking topographic point utilizing web-based preparation, supplemented by training, Web meetings, and quarterly group meetings ( for the trainees who are based in distant locations ) . Employees hired and promoted for client service are non ever trained for the needed accomplishments.

This state of affairs led to slightly decreased employee satisfaction and slightly higher than expected employee turnover. Besides, developing the employees on a regular basis is really of import in such instances as employees in interact with clients invariably. Customers expect to acquire their questions solved without blowing much of their valuable clip and acquire better intervention every clip they call up but they had non received preparation.Assorted on-line leading plans are now introduced which help in bettering the employee accomplishments and efficiency.

The intent of leading programme was to supply HRD chances to employees irrespective of their location. In add-on to improved leading accomplishments, upper direction hoped that the usage of erudite accomplishments would take to greater stableness within the administration and that consequences could be realized through less dearly-won, more efficient and effectual ways of presenting preparation. User credence of preparation is of import, but every bit of import is whether or non the trainee uses the erudite accomplishments on the occupation.An immediate feedback could be given about the preparation. E.

g. How utile is the preparation, any betterments suggested, etc.

4.3 Performance Management Record

Care of employee public presentation is critical non merely for the growing of an employee but besides for the growing of the administration. Now a yearss every administration tries to advance and actuate its employees by giving them a feedback on monthly or quarterly footing. Appraisals are undertaken twice a twelvemonth ( in most of the administrations ) and the employees get to cognize the countries where they are good at and where at that place has to be an betterment.

The director can feed in the public presentation related feedback of its employees at any point of clip through the on-line database by the higher-ups and besides by the HR directors non merely during the appraisal period but at any point of the twelvemonth.Quality direction is client driven. It is a common manner of companies work towards this aim is to supply systems together feedback from clients ( Sampson, 1998 ) . The clients are given an option to upload the on-line feedback or can besides direct an electronic mail for the service provided to them. This besides helps in tracking the public presentation of an employee.

The feedback can be a general feedback every bit good as a specific feedback. E.g. merchandise specific feedback, employee specific feedback. Apart from this, employees have to undergo a self-assessment. All this was done antecedently on difficult documents but the debut of information systems has made this rating really easy and less confounding.

No separate files need to be maintained for each and every employee and all the informations, the day of the month of connection, the public presentation, the feedback received can be check at the chink of a button.Performance Appraisal is the societal and communicating procedure in which a supervisor evaluates an employee ' s behavior in the workplace and communicates those evaluations and feedback back to the employee ( Murphy and Cleveland, 1995 ) as cited in ( Payne et al. , 2009 ) An on-line Performance Appraisal ( PA ) system is a package plan that facilitates the completion of public presentation ratings online ( Payne et al. , 2009 ) . It besides keeps stored the yesteryear information which is used in doing the comparings of the yesteryear and the current rating.

Such systems besides offer the HR directors the chance to readily supervise the extent to which supervisors complete their employees ' PA on clip, in add-on to doing it easier for them to analyze tendencies in public presentation evaluations ( Payne et al. , 2009 ) . Employee reactions to PA can act upon employee motive, productiveness and organizational committedness. The traditional methods of hive awaying the information was extremely hazardous as the employee informations was stored in paper files, whereas the online PA/ rating signifiers store informations in the particular systems created. Such signifiers contain batch of information and hence are purely confidential which are accessible to merely selected people in the org.

Employees can see merely their informations and the directors can see the informations merely of the employees who report to them. Restricted entree with the aid of alone usernames and watchwords is provided.E-HR allows the whole public presentation assessment ( PA ) to be conducted on-line, on the corporate cyberspace interface. This means that the director and the employee are able to subject the public presentation informations straight to the HR section in electronic signifier. ( Panayotopoulou et al.

, 2007 ) . The self-service application allows directors to instantly come in PA consequences and employees to pull off their public presentation ends and consequences and plan their public presentation on their personal HR page ( Panayotopoulou et al. , 2007 )

4.4 Employee Self-service

The fastest turning tendency in the bringing of HR information is employee self-service ( ESS ) ( Gueutal, 2003 ) as cited in ( Payne et. Al, 2009 ) Employee ego service is a map of the information systems which helps an employee to entree his personal information via the web. The employee can look into and publish his payslips, can update his leave record, look into the feedback or any remarks uploaded by his director or any other superior.

The HR squad in an org. has a direct entree to this employee information as they are the 1s responsible taking attention of all these maps.Another turning tendency is the acceptance of managerial self-service ( MSS ) which provides directors entree to a assortment of HR told and information via the web ( Gueutal, 2003 ) as cited in ( Payne et. Al, 2009 ) Most HR-related undertakings can be completed via MSS applications including wage disposal, compensation, public presentation direction, staffing, and employee development.

( Gueutal, 2003 ) as cited in ( Payne et. Al, 2009 )

4.5 Pull offing the Wage

Traditionally, payment was made to all the employees in usually the first hebdomad of the money. Wages were handed over in the signifier of checks which the employee had to encash into his bank history. However, through e-HRM, payment is now made to the employees straight into their bank history.

They can look into their payment faux pass online through the administration 's intranet. These payment slips contain the full dissolution of an employee 's wage. Apart from the regular payment of wage, fillips and other wagess are besides included in this salary faux pas.


E-HRM is turning literally at a fast gait. With new and better Information systems coming up everyday, e-HRM is going extremely efficient.

However, even today, the huge bulk of HR 's clip and resources continue to be dedicated to administrative activities- whether this work is done in a centralised processing group or is distributed among the field HR staff ( Christie, 2002 ) . This shows that the use of e-HRM is still in its formative phase. Though, the occupation of informations care and information protection is being done the HRIS package, nevertheless the initial eating of the information has to be done manually by an HR employee. Efficient usage of Information systems should be done