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Microsoft Windows 2000

Readme: Web Version

March 3, 1999


Microsoft Corporation, 1999

Read this file for important information on using this course.


How to Use This Document


To read this file online, maximize Windows Notepad and

use the PAGE DOWN and PAGE UP keys. You can also print

the file in any Windows-based word processing

program by clicking Print on the File menu.




This compact disc contains all of the files required to complete

the modules in this course.

The following table describes the contents.

File or folder Description


default.htm File required to open the Web page.

readme.txt File that explains how to install Microsoft

Internet Explorer version 4.01 and open the

Student Materials Web page.

webfiles Web page files.

To view the contents of this course, you will need:

1. A computer running Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, or Windows 2000.

2. A VGA or Super VGA (SVGA) monitor capable of displaying 256 colors.

True Color recommended.

3. Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4.0 or higher.

For best results:

1. Configure your monitor for 800 x 600 resolution and for True Color.

2. Under Settings on the Start menu, set the taskbar to Auto hide.

To Install Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01:

* Visit the Microsoft Internet Explorer download site at


To start the course:

1. Display the contents of the C: drive.

2. In the MOC folder, open the nt1555a folder, and double-click