?What I like the most and the least about the USA Until I stand on the land of the Unities States, I got the information of the USA by only watching its movies and TV shows. Then I realize that something is the same, naturally, while some other things are not. What I like the most about the USA is environment. The sky is blue and air is fresh. We all know that not only the development of China in a rapidly speed, but also the pollution. I was born in Beijing, and I can remember the sky was always blue when I was a little boy. While I was growing up, however, the air pollution became serious.

So at the Newark airport, I really did one thing that was taking a deep breath and trying to find something different. Actually, it is not easy for me to describe how great the environment is immediately at that moment. But, what I can feel is the less pollution here than Beijing, and feel comfortable. I like looking at the sky since I was young. There is a world in Chinese,” a blue sky with cottony clouds”. It is what I want to say every day in the American. Although I went to the New York several times by taking bus, I think it is not convenient for going somewhere without a car.

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It is true that many bus are free for people, and I know maybe every American family have a car and driving cars is a normal thing for people. But for me, it seems like there is only one way for gong to the place what you want to get. For example, I went to a mall two weeks ago, and I can only take the No. XXX bus. Then when I got what I want, I wait for a long time coming back. On the other hand, I also learn something that take a schedule and plan my time. In a word, I like living and studying here. I have not used to something, maybe just because I have not really know them well.