This Is used by many users all over the world, as It is cheap and efficient also easy to set-up and use. All that Is needed Is a modem, which is Installed In the computer, then connected to the telephone line, and Is ready. You then have to have an ISP Internet service provider) such as NET, BET, wanton, to host the Internet connection In order for you to go on. There are also different plans and types of payment, there Is pay-as-you go, which takes money depending on how long you are on, and also monthly payment.

The advantage of paving dial-up is that it is cheap and easy, however the disadvantage is that it has to dial every time needed to connect to the internet, and also that means if the internet is in use the telephone line cannot be used. Another method to connect to the internet is broadband, which is faster that dial-up. Dial-up has one steady download rate which is Kbps (ask) however broadband comes in different speeds for different users and their needs. From kick up to mob of download speeds can be purchased, the faster connection the more items and objects can be viewed quicker.

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Faster speeds are mainly needed for people with businesses, companies, or if in a network. The advantage of this is that it is much more faster and also the phone line and internet can be used at the same time, which provides less hassle, however it does cost more than dial-up and there is no pay-as-you go plans, and only a monthly payment, but you can also have annual payments. You can then with higher speeds, have a network and share out the high speed with other users; this is an advantage for the long-run as you can save money, instead of buying separate connection for each computer.

In addition the third method to connect to the Internet can be through G (Third Generation) data card. This is a new method which has been brought In to the technology world. IT works by purchasing a 36 card and purchasing a connection speed, for example mob a month, you then pay monthly which you then Insert the card Into a laptop and you are then connected to the Internet though the card which the card then receives data from the satellite which provides the wireless connection.

This type of technology Is similar to the ones used on phones, I. E. WAP. However G network cards are much more Improved, faster and are portable. That advantage of having a 36 card Is that, It Is portable along side with the laptop; you can have connection almost any where In the world, as long as the connection has been paid for. The disadvantage of these are is that they are expensive, and that they are card reader of the same sort which is found on a laptop, installed on to a computer, which also does consume quite a lot of money.