Cyberspace can be one of the tools that an help them In this search and It can Influence positively. In this essay I am going to focus In three positive effects that I think cyberspace can have on adolescents, which are: acquiring new skills, finding Information and socialize. The fact that adolescents are attracted to cyberspace is that they want to explore and do more. For example they don't want to only chat; they want to design their own weapon. Designing a good web page requires skills in graphics, page layouts.

Even if an adolescent just wants to talk with friends in chat rooms, blobs or email, they still have to write. They have to improve with words, grammar, and creative new ways to express themselves, motivating adolescent to write more and acquiring like these new skills for writing. One way adolescents establish their own individual identity is by acquiring new knowledge and philosophies that can find in the information that a cyberspace offer without limitations.

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Part of life process of adolescents is socializing, especially if they spend a lot of time conversing on the Internet. They will be encountering people of various ages and cultural backgrounds, so they have the opportunity to learn how to relate to a wide variety of people, create friendships and relationships that can last a lifetime. All these create in teenagers the need of learn more and more about computers and cyberspace can be a place that can fulfill positive part of the adolescents needs.