Patricia Kindler The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence says that "On average, nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the United States. During one year, this equates to more than 10 million women and men. " This highlights the need for programs like the one explored here.

Mission To provide a safe haven for all who suffers from any kind of domestic abuse. To ender assistance in emergency and non-emergency situations to include both short and long term housing, food, clothes, counseling for adults and any children who may be affected, Job training and placement and any legal services their situation may require. The services are to help victims of domestic violence regain full control of their life by providing the tools they need to be functional and productive.

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A. Program Design. 1. Plans of detailed, practicable aims. 2. Define objectives that ensure goals are attainable. . Operational advertising of program amid cooperating organization and amenity suppliers. 4. Gain public and shareholder support. 5 Design website to create awareness. 6. Secure suitable accommodations for health care facility along with medical care 7. Secure outside services like business support for employment after Job training, legal services, and long and short term shelter. Strategy, implementation and design internal evaluation standards to ensure goals are met 9 Case workers are to conduct valuations through weekly feedback with clients and supervisors. 10. Define benefits. 1 1 Research effectiveness of related programs. 12. Evaluate program services and conveyance output. 4. Gauge sufficiency of therapy services. 13 Guarantee that finest tactics are engaged. B. Program Services 1. Emergency, long and short term housing 2. Medical services 3. Therapy, for adults and children 4. Job training and placement 5. Childcare 6.

Legal services 7. Parenting workshops Victims of domestic violence can lead normal productive lives if they are removed from the abusive situation and provided the tools to so. I chose to create a social program for domestic violence victims because there is great need for services to this community, they often do not seek help and the children often suffer long term repercussions. The services the program offer will equip the victims, restore dignity and help them gain the self-confidence to live a productive life that is free from all forms of domestic violence.