Some think that technology connects people while other thinks it divides people. Choose one position and support it with evidence and examples. The modern high technology has brought us more convenience, more fun and more entertainment. With the invention of more electric products, people do not have to sit in front of the desktop surfing the internet, playing computer games or writing to their friends.

Whenever and wherever you are, you can chat online with others, entertain yourself with smartness and Table PC as well as taking photos and plodding Instantly. Nevertheless, does it really connect people? I wonder. Technology actually divides people when we enjoy using on it. Communicating through technology Influences the relationship of people. It is true that the mobile phone can be used for communication as usual but people take It as a portable game console nowadays.

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When taking train or bus, lots of people just look down at their digital devices or listen to the music with headphones but ignoring the others nearby. Therefore, the compartment of the train will become silent, dearth of the taking sounds among people, not to speak of the face-to-face Interaction among he passengers. The less the passengers talk to others, the less the considerations of the community have. Everyone can do nothing but just keep being mute even facing their companion and intoxicating into themselves with using technology.

Accordingly, though the tone, manner and attitude of speaking can be transmitted to the other side Vela the phone, the meaning of the speech may be misunderstood easily without clean and definite body language, eye contact and facial expressions. For instances, an angry person may be more confrontational, whereas an excited person will be ore outgoing and willing to collaborate (www. Goodhearted. Org, 2010) . If chatting face-to-face directly, It Is sure that the facial expressions can be sensed.

Oppositely, when using the mobile phone, we can do nothing to sense any visual expression but only sound so using technology for communication may cause superfluous conflicts mutually. What's more, internet addiction influences the relationship of people. It is morbidity that people can't stop spending time on the Internet, even though the rest of your life, especially for the youth ages 9 - 23 in recent years. Most of them tend to put heir self-interest on the Internet above everything else, let alone their studies, friends and family.

Thus, students may receive some wrong messages Including foul language, harmful culture and blind entry on the internet for a long time. Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups conducted an interview of more than 1,500 secondary school students from 31 schools focused on what the students are addicted to In 2011. 31. 4 per cent of them admitted to Internet addiction, followed by drinking (26 per cent gambling (12 per cent) and smoking (4 per cent) (Correspondent, 20). Still, 1 OFF unhappiness" (Correspondent, 20).

It signifies that they are willing to sit in front of the monitor and surf the internet rather than meeting new friends and participating in extra-curricular activities. If still, they may become dependent and lose control of themselves to the internet. Discontinue using of internet may even lead to disturbance in their mood and behavior (Cline & Tattletale, 2000). Pursuing technology also influences the relationship of people. It is common that many people want to pursue the latest technology when a new digital product is issued, Just like pursuing the fashion.

Then, it will become a common topic for people to discuss about, consisting of the new functions, the comments after using and the comparisons between the old and the new versions. Nonetheless, it is sure that money is vital for buying the new products so some middle-class family may not afforded due to the high price, not to mention the poor one. In this situation, the poor one has no idea to discuss this topic with their comparative rich friends.