And the last part is to analysis the advantage of those two brands. Section 1: Introduction & Document Structure 1. 1 Introduction Schismatic is an intelligent wrist watch with a screen; it has the ability to do much more than Just telling time. It offers functionality and capabilities similar to a Smartened. It works well by itself however; it can also be connected to a Smartened via Bluetooth or Near Field Communication (MFC). You can choose the notifications that you want your Schismatic to show such as messages, emails, calls, weather forecasts and social network updates.

It also provides fitness monitoring capabilities; it also offers GAPS coordinates, location directions, and more. A Schismatic does not work with all Smoothness. It is generally developed to work with particular mobile phone platforms, namely ISO and Android. Some Checkmates are only compatible with specific Smoothness such as the Samsung Galaxy Gear only works with Samsung phones like the Galaxy SO and Galaxy Note 3. 1. 2 Document Structure There are many different kinds of checkmates available in the market, but this study will focus only on two brands, namely, Sony Schismatic 2 and Samsung Galaxy Gear.

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These two brands were chosen because they are the latest brands that are popular among people. These two brands are also known for their quality and their user-friendly nature. This research paper will discuss about the features of these two brands in order to determine which brand offers the best quality for the best price and give light on their future prospects in terms of their position in the market. Section 2: Review of Literature 2. 1 Review of Literature The Hamilton Watch Company was the first company who produced digital wrist- watch name's Pulsar. It was debuted in 1982. This was the first step of Schismatic.

And after that there are many brands occurred such as Pebble, Matched Strata, Sony, Samsung and so on. These brands is already successful in the market, (2013 May 7). Schismatic market is growing and getting bigger. Including to the market share Schismatic Industry 2013, Samsung had 800,000 units shipped and 33. 8% of market share, (2014 July 3). And in other hand Sony Schismatic had 250,000 units shipped and 7% of market share. The total unit for shipping in 2013 was 3,150,000 units. And the Schismatic Market continues to grow 15 million in 2014 and forecast o grow more from 15 million in 2014 to 373 million by 2020, (2013 Seep 26). . 1. 1 Sony Schismatic 2 Sony Schismatic 2 is the second-generation Schismatic from Sony Company. It is built using high quality materials including aluminum for its body. It offers two types of wristbands for its buyers, one made from stainless steel and the other from glossy plastics which is available in five different colors. The device is water-resistant. It also offers MFC and Bluetooth support for pairing with Android Smoothness and tablets that run on Android 4. 0 or higher, (2012 July 19). 2. 1. 1. 1 Advantages. 1 . Sony Schismatic 2 uses high quality materials. 2.

You can always change the wristband from the original metal to the other plastic wristbands if needed. 3. There are thousands of free and paid applications that you can install. 4. The battery can last for four days. 5. Waterproof and dust-free. 6. The price is relatively cheaper than its competitors (Samsung Galaxy Gear). 7. It is optimized for Android 4. 0 or higher. 2. 1 . 1. 2 Disadvantages 1 . Sony Schismatic 2 shows only call notification on the screen, but you cannot hang up on the phone call. 2. The metal wristband is too heavy weighing about egg, (2013 Seeps). 3. It does not have a camera. -3. Position in the market Sony has introduced their first Bluetooth watch in 2007. And now they are already launching the 3rd generation device. Sony has more advantage than its competitors such as Apple and Samsung, because it has more experience in the Schismatic market. The analyst research predicted that 41 million of Checkmates will be sold by 2016, (2013 June 25). 2. 1. 2 Samsung Galaxy Gear Samsung Galaxy Gear is the first Schismatic from Samsung Company, it comes with many amenities. Users can receive calls, read text messages, download applications ND even take photographs and record videos.

Samsung Galaxy Gear was designed to be compatible with only Samsung products such as Samsung Galaxy SO or Samsung Galaxy Note 3. 2. 1. 2. 1 Advantages 1 . The Samsung Galaxy Gear design is very elegant. It has a choice of six colors and has a charger that comes in the set. 2. It has a camera that can take pictures and record videos. 3. It can receive phone calls and allows the user to talk even when the phone is inside the bag. 4. The wristband weighs around 74 grams. 2. 1. 2. 2 Disadvantages 1. The round belt is quite small. People with big hands might find it difficult to wear. . The maximum video length is only 10 seconds. 3. The batteries need to be charged every day. 4. It is not waterproof only water resistant. 5. It only works with Samsung phones 2. 1. 2. 3 Position in the market Samsung Galaxy Gear is that first Schismatic product from Samsung Company. It was introduced in September 2013. Samsung set the straight to sell hit 800,000 Gear units in the first two months. But after two months it cannot make it. The Businesswomen report said that Samsung has sold 50,000 Gear units only, (2013 Novo Section 3: Analysis 3. 1 Analysis

The Sony Schismatic 2 and Samsung Galaxy Gear both have advantages and disadvantages. The Sony Schismatic 2 is cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy Gear however, the Sony smart watch has less features to offer than its competitor. The Sony Schismatic maybe more attractive to businessmen while the Samsung Galaxy gear maybe more attractive to the younger generation. The Sony Schismatic has a longer battery life, it does not require regular charging and thus more convenient for the working class. It also offers the most basic necessities that is required of a smart watch, it notifies the user of incoming calls and messages.

Even though the person may not use the smart watch to answer calls nor reply to messages, the user will still be informed of such activities. Meanwhile, the Samsung galaxy gear, has features such as cameras, it also has a distinctive/classy style which makes it attractive for the younger generation. People from the younger generation are well versed on technology and therefore capable of utilizing the features of the Schismatic to the fullest. For me, I would like to choose the Sony Schismatic 2. Because I like the waterproof design and it can change the wristband color anytime that I needed. It has many functions that similar to Galaxy Gear.

Those two things that Sony Schismatic does not have, is a camera and able to answer the phone on the wrist. I don't think that we really need a camera on the wristwatch. It quite uncomfortable to use your wrist to take a picture and it has short limited time for recording the video. Answer a phone call on your wristwatch, well; I think it is cool for someone, but it is quite weird for me. Section 4: Conclusion 4. 1 Conclusion The Schismatic provides the comfort in people's daily lives allowing one to read text assuages, emails, Backbone and Twitter updates, and more from your Android smartened on your wrist.

If you are a user of Samsung products then Galaxy Gear will be of interest to you. However, if you have never had a Samsung product nor have plans to purchase one, then the Galaxy Gear is not for you. Sony Checkmates are not designed for use with specific phones. It can work with all smartened or tablet as long as it comes with Android 4. 0 or higher. Schismatic is for people who need more than Just a watch that tells time and for those who always miss calls because they do not hear the phone.