Wilson (1887) writes: Blumenthal, for instance, bids us separate administration alike from politics and from law. Politics, he says, is state activity "in things great and universal," while "administration, on the other hand," is "the activity of the state in individual and small things. Politics is thus the special province of the statesman, administration of the technical official. " "Policy does nothing without the aid of administrations; but administration Is not therefore politics. (p 10) So, Wilson also believed that although the two are salary they are not the same.

For example, an alligator is similar to a crocodile. They are both reptilian and live in water: however, they are classified as either a crocodile or an alligator because they come room different families. Most alligators are a sub group of crocodile family and resemble closely to each other; however, they are not classified as Just crocodiles. Wilson (1887) writes: The field of administration is a field of business. It is removed from the hurry and strife of politics; it at most points stands apart even from the debatable ground of constitutional study.

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Most Important to be observed is the truth already so much and so fortunately insisted upon by our civil-service reformers; namely, that administration lies outside the proper sphere of politics. (p. 9) Although alligators and crocodiles are different from political science and science of administration they both have the same concept in which the two that are related are different. Throughout this article Woodrow Wilson creates examples and improvement of how administration has becoming a popular topic and how It Is needed to create a better government.

Wilson writes that over the years the government's duty was small and it became more complex over the years (Wilson, 1887, p. 3). In the article "Study of Administration" Wilson states: "This is why there should be a science of administration which shall seek to straighten the paths of overspent, to make its business less unblemished, to strengthen and purify its organization, and to crown Its dutifulness. " With so many laws being made in the 1 8005 Wilson believed that It was Imperative to find a more advanced way of governing.

Wilson (1887) writes: "The object of administrative study is to rescue executive methods from the confusion and costliness of empirical experiment and set them upon foundations laid deep in stable principle" (p. 9). Wilson wrote with the intention of having the audience view that administration is the key to the changes ND bettering their governing system. Willow's article basically strives to get the attention of the readers of how Important administration Is and how the united they have yet to overcome.

Wilson (1887) writes: "Such an explanation seems to afford the only escape from blank astonishment at the fact that, in spite of our vast advantages in point of political liberty, and above all in point of practical political skill and sagacity, so many nations are ahead of us in administrative organization and administrative skill" (p. 7). Wilson then in his article begins to outline many of the wings that have kept the United States behind administration and possible methods of increasing our administration.

An example of what Wilson lists to be holding them back on the idea of administration is the fact that the United States is a democracy therefore it is a public oriented government in which the whole has to agree. Compared to many successful or further developed administrations in other nations, their governing systems are monarchy. To change the system and introduce administration in a monarch system would require changing one man's ideal; whereas a democracy would require influencing majority of the public. Many people have differing opinion which makes the process of law making process to take longer.

Wilson starts giving brain storming how the politicians could introduce administration such as planting the thought of it in one generation and as generations go by it would become popular and making the policies and principles easier to understand; however, he himself is not sure of the path they must take to implement. He even goes to the point of talking about bureaucracy in which the expert people in the field would have power over the public when necessary in order to have things created. Aside from figuring out what methods needed to implement administration comes the problem of figuring out how to successfully run it.

Wilson believed that the best method of attaining actual knowledge of administration was by copying or taking the foreign administration policy as examples. In Willow's article it seems like he is trying to convince the audience that borrowing the administration system from foreign countries is the best method. Wilson (1887) writes in his article "We borrowed rice, but we do not eat it with chopsticks. We borrowed our whole political language from England, but we leave the words "king" and "lords" out of it.

What did we ever originate, except the action of the federal government upon individuals, and some of the functions of the federal supreme court? " (p. 14). This article was written in the 1887 where the publics' patriotic was extremely large towards the United States which is the belief of why he spends a couple of paragraphs trying to explain why borrowing the system from other countries is fine. Wilson believes that by trying to create their administration from scratch would have too many problems and would take far too long therefore the best method is to take parts and pieces of administration from other countries.