My review of this intelligence test is that it was very accurate but very awkward. To critique the design of the test I would say that it was very lengthy, compartmentalized, and inconvenient. The length of the test wasn't grossly excessive however it was a little long for my attention span. It wasn't the amount of the questions maybe, but the fact that they were grouped which gave it a much segmented feel, which probably could not be avoided.

The real oddity with this test was the inconvenience of leafing back and forth to find what categories I was most connected to. I didn't really detest the exam I'm simply stating my thoughts. The questions that were asked on this exam seemed to be very pertinent to the topic beings examined. I'm confident that there was solid research done as to which questions would be best asked to get the most accurate results.

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I have done other sets regarding emotional intelligence similar to this one and this one was very accurate. I was found to be strong in my interpersonal and interpersonal Intelligence. This is true. Self-awareness is a learned behavior of mine. I practice a specific type of introspection regularly. Also I am very "people smart" as well. The descriptions given at the end of the exam did a nice Job of explaining exactly what each form of Intelligence Is. I enjoyed this exam and over all give It a nine out of ten.