With the tech world evolving so fast, the competition Is rowing at record-breaking speeds and the dating space has a lot more techies and startups trying to penetrate the market and Innovate the next best app. Smartness allow people to do almost everything they can do on a computer on their phone, Including accessing dating websites. Over the past several years, mobile applications have been the new hot thing In the market. Old and new dating Innovators picked up on this trend, and now you often hear about another dating app that has been launched and gaining traction.

In order for Poof to compete with the new APS they also created an app, but they are still facing competition from similar types of APS that offer free dating opportunities and are targeting a younger market. Some of those APS are Tinder, Hinge and Coffee Meets Bagel. Although these APS are somewhat similar to one another, people are still using them instead of Poof because its concept allows you to meet someone much quicker and with less effort. In these APS all you have to do is swipe to the right or the left depending on whether you are interested or attracted to the person on the screen.

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This process makes it easier cause you don't have to personally browse through a list of people. Today's generation wants to do everything fast and expects instant results. That is the main reason these types of dating APS are a big hit. Other dating websites are not the sole competition that Poof faces. Social media sites such as Backbone and Emmett are also a type of service that allows people to meet new people. Although it is not built like a dating website, Backbone did try to integrate a dating twist (called hot or not).

Emmett also serves as a different type of competitor, which allows strangers to meet p and engage in common activities and shared interests. Even before the New York Times published that article, people were busy coding the new hot dating app and trying to be the next successful entrepreneur. 2. Yes, I do believe Plenty of Fish has a sustainable business model. Markus Frond Is currently monitoring his service from ads and subscriptions. Mr.. Frond attracts other parties to advertise on his website and app because of the amount of traffic that takes place on a dally basis.

Every company wants to put their ad In a place where a lot of people will see It. As long as Plenty of Fish keeps their numbers growing In terms of users they will be able to continue to noontime from advertisements. When the website first launched It was completely free with no payment options. As the years passed he realized he couldn't continue to rely solely on advertisements as a came up with Oust like many other dating websites) was to charge users for special features.

Once you became a paid member, Poof takes away the advertisements, highlights your profile to attract more attention, and gives you the option to see a wider range of people. Going forward I think Poof must come up with more unique ways to differentiate themselves from the other dating services in the market. Since 2003 when they first launched, there have been over a few dozen new dating services. The dating field is a great market to be in if you can differentiate your product from the others. All you need is that one game changer to set you apart.

Poof has to find a way to adapt itself to the changing market and economy. If it cannot keep up or think of other ways to do that, it wont be long before they sink and another new creative site or app will take their place. . Without any doubt, I would continue to offer free services to the users. The reason I would continue with this strategy is because of the amount of competition that currently exists in the market. From what I can remember when I used POE, it wasn't special enough for me to want to spend my money on it.

There are other free sites and even more APS that anyone can use in order to meet people of the same or opposite sex. One key issue they should focus on is keeping old customers. The best model for Poof is to attract more users worldwide in order to increase its traffic and its market share. If they are able to dominate the dating market they will have many more options in regards to monitoring. The hardest obstacle in any business is attracting new customers or even retaining existing customers.

There is so much competition today, and in order to keep attracting people to Poof they should continue to provide a free service. By doing that, they will appeal to people who are not familiar with the online dating scene and who want to try it out without having to spend their money. Today's generation spends much of their time on social media sites and on their smartness. If I was on the board of Poof I would focus on advertisements in the right places, on making the app user friendly, and lastly on acquiring other tech businesses that can help advance Poof in the right direction.