One such endeavourer has been the launch of a series of Worldwide e-courses with the objectives of enabling participants to study anytime, anywhere and at their pace. The first Worldwide e-course was launched from 7th December, 2009 to 22nd January, 2010 on Scriptwriting for Films and Television. Around five hundred participants from throughout the country and world registered for this e-course.

The next endeavourer, In the series, was the launch of Worldwide e-course on Tattled for Films and Television from 3rd January, 2011 to 22nd February, 2011 which was classical meant for film and video editors to give an insight to the participants in the focused area of arts and crafts of editing. More than 500 enthusiastic participants completed this course. An overwhelming response from large number of National and International participants has depicted the value and quality of e-material being produced by SEC.

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Inspired by such response, the SEC is all set to launch today another worldwide e- course on Marketing Communication and Salesmanship. Due to growing demand in the Medal World and Marketing, this Is one of the much sought after courses. This course Is designed for students of Advertising, Sales Promotion and Sales Management. The course will focus on topics Like nature and Importance of communication, communication process, methods of marketing communication, advertising and setting up of targets and integrated communication in marketing.