Excellence is the finest quality block chocolate and Lined Blocks are the normal block chocolate. London are the round ball chocolates and they are usually wrapped as gifts. Pralines re the finest chocolate and have been lovingly decorated. In addition, all these chocolates have many flavors that can be chose. 5. 3 Environment London gift box's competitors are Ferrier and Gillian due to they all have their box product. In addition, their market positioning is all high quality royal chocolates. Ferrier is a big company whose market share is much bigger than Lined. Gillian is not as famous as Lined.

However, Ferrier's package categories are not as much as Lint's. Quisling's market share is less than Lined and it is lack of new idea of the products. Lined has its own suppliers, which are the cocoa beans farmers. They mainly import the cocoa beans from South America, Caribbean and Ghana. Ghana is especially famous of the high quality standards cocoa beans (Hefts, 2003). The cocoa beans suppliers cannot always supply the quantity that they required so Lined makes a fair trade with the farmers, which means the farmers can provide the raw materials constantly (Lined, 2013).

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The main intermediaries of Lined gift box in Australia are Woolworth, Coles and Cost. They are the resellers of Lined. In the micromanagement, demographic include the consumer's age, sex, location and occupation etc. Generally speaking, women are more interested in gift box chocolate Han men and especially the young ladies. They cannot resist the exquisite packages of London gift box (Fitzgerald, 2005). Students and white collars are more likely to buy the gift box as a gift for their girlfriends.

The people in big cities buy the high quality gift box chocolate more often than the people in small towns. Cultural factor is very important because of the western cultural and beliefs. Every year during Easter, Valentine's Day and Christmas, Lined will launch new gift boxes for the festivals. For instance, western people believe giving chocolate to their lovers is a kind of showing eve to them so they all buy chocolate for their lovers in Valentine's Day. Consumers will actively to buy the chocolate gift boxes as gifts during the festivals. 4. Segmentation, targeting and positioning + Target Segmentation characteristics Lined gift box segments its market by considering the age, gender, occupation and lifestyle. The customers are usually the young, women, high-quality standards lifestyle people and the people's occupation are basically students and white collars. White collars do not mind of paying more extra money on high-quality standard chocolate due to their medium to high level of wages. Women have the strongest purchasing power of chocolate also the strongest desire of chocolate.

London gift box selects the market, which exists many strong competitors and they use the differentiated marketing strategy. The industry profitability is approximately 6. 8% of revenue in 2012-2013 (Civilians, 2013). London gift box is a gift in the consumer's mind and they buy it as a gift. However, Lined provide large packages gift chocolate in Cost, which are cheaper than Coles and Woolworth. Many families buy them as a family share package. London gift box has the competitive advantages because there re many flavors and the varicose packages look more Joyful than other products. . 5 Buyer Behavior The consumers will first consider whom will they buy the Lined gift box for and why they need it. They might search the product on the Internet and see its feedbacks and compare it with other brands. The package of the London gift box will give them a sense of happiness and a festivals feeling. 4. 6 Evaluations of needs and wants People need the chocolate as a gift to feel that they are loved and regarded by others. The one who give the chocolate to others need to express himself. Lined gift ox can become a want when the festivals come.