In keeping with the companies' eco friendly image, Boost Juice will set up recycle bins around the location of the store. These bins will be painted with the Boost juice logo and a possible slogan "Help Save India by Recycling and not littering" In addition Boost Juice cups or glass bottles/glasses can have a label saying "Please recycle me:)" The environmental campaign will be pushed through the advertisements and viral marketing campaign.

Recommendations Taking Boost Juice into another country it is important to ensure that many features of the product must be augmented to suit the Indian market these are as follows. Packaging - when considering the location of our store, the packaging would have to coincide. If we choose to have a Boost Juice store on the side of the road it would be important that we use glass bottles for the juice as if we use the typical polystyrene cups they will end up pollution on the street and this could potentially damage the Boost brand. However if we are in one of the more upmarket shopping centres we could use the Boost traditional packaging and there is usually recycling procedures in place.

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Pricing - the Indian market had adapted to paying very little for juices, therefore Boost must consider this when making pricing decisions, too low and people will continue to purchase from street vendors and too high and it will be considered too expensive. Therefore the cost for a cup of Boost in India should be significantly cheaper then what we would pay in Australia. Local tastes - when taking Boost Juice to India it is important that local tastes are considered to ensure that we are offering a product that is appetising to the Indian market, for example a chilled chai latte with a touch of spice, or even various juices that incorporate local fruits. (Refer to "product" in marketing mix for a more detailed list of exotic Indian fruits) 70% of Indians preferred traditional foods and flavours over "Western" foods.

Vegetarian/vegan population - India has a very large population of vegetarians, thus when producing a menu for India boost must be careful when including animal bi-products such as egg and milk. As well as changing our product, when entering India it is important to also change the way we do business, doing business in India requires extensive of cultural knowledge and understanding:

Cultural implications - it is important that Boost Juice is sensitive to the strong culture in India by ensuring that sensitive issues are not aggravated by a western company, such as advertising with cows (sacred animal). It is very important to take time to build trust with your business partners in India, if we decide to partner, as it is very difficult to sort out business disputes in the Indian court system.

In some parts of India, shop floor employees may speak different languages so drawings and process instructions need to be very robust, clear and easy to read. The use of pictures will help boosts Indian employees to understand service expectations. Transportation within India is quite a rigid process therefore when Boost Juice designs packaging and promotional material to be transported into stores it is important that it is made strong and quite unbreakable to ensure that on arrival there is no nasty surprises.

Another advantage that India offers is that it is a central Hub for Asia. "It's a strategic location from which to launch a manufacturer's Asian distribution. As the Asian market increases, having a facility in India, which offers strong tax incentives to business, is an important component of any manufacturer's global strategy," Different states in India each have different official languages. Central government only recognises Hindi as the official language of India. However, when doing business in India, English is the language of international commerce. Therefore menus must include both.

Of all the cultural influences that most impact Indian business culture, hierarchy plays a key role. With its roots in Hinduism and the caste system, Indian society operates within a framework of strict hierarchy that defines people's roles, status and social order. "For example, within companies manual labour will only be carried out by the "peon" (roughly equivalent to a 'runner'). It is not uncommon for the moving of a desk to take hours. This is because no-one in the office will carry out the task but the "peon", who, if otherwise engaged can not do so" Appendix: Step by step process strategy starting business India.

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