Jogged Consumer products communication strategy Corporate Communication in terms of Corporate identity ,image and reputation 2500 words Part of the Jogged Group, Jogged Consumer Products Ltd. (CAP) represents the same values of trust, integrity and quality as exhibited by the Jogged Group. Says A. Mandrake, MD, CAP, "Jogged is one of the few over century-old brands, which provide a sustained genuine consumer offering.

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Home to a legacy which is continuously learning and relishing being young again, we enjoy the patronage and trust of over 470 million Indians every single day - our signature consumer eccentricity, which draws from this wide pool of experience, defines who we are. " The success of CAP as a great workplace can be attributed to its commitment to deliver innovation and excellence. Ranked #14 in the Great Place to [email protected] Institute's Study and #1 in the Industry Category of the FMC sector, the company considers its employees as an asset and strives for continuous learning and improvement.

The fast moving consumer goods industry is a highly competitive and rapidly changing field in India; the FMC sector is flooded with choices, yet CAP has managed to keep ahead of others. The stress is on employee empowerment and multi killing to encourage a variety in roles played by its people. CAP believes in listening to its employees and is open to suggestions given by them.

Explains Summit Miter, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, Jogged Industries, "The open culture at CAP, driven by 'Beheaded Bolo' (our speak-out campaign) encourages opinion sharing while also creating a platform for people to interact with leaders to see how suggestions get translated into action. Initiatives are designed to hone this - from the interactive intranet, Gottfried; a strong Whistle Blower Policy; the 'Hotmail to Chairman' initiative and the popular Open House Sessions across the country where people are encouraged to pool in ideas and work together on solutions.

The revamped office spaces are also to aid freer communication and accessibility among employees. Employee input for policy and strategy is taken through the Internal Customer Satisfaction Survey, Employee Perception Survey and 360 degree feedback. Voice of the Employee is the process whereby HER gets in touch with every employee of the organization at least once a year. This process provides an opportunity to all employees to express their issues and concerns directly to HER. Most importantly, feedback collated from any source, is pooled and then worked upon with definite action plans. The company also has a strong performance linked bonus system and has even extended employee stock options at all levels of management. We address a few questions to A. Mandrake and Summit Miter. What are the top three reasons for Jogged to be a great workplace? A. Mandrake: 113 years down the line, we are at a point in Goddess's history when our amazing past is meeting its spectacular future head on and the mix f the old and the new makes working here incredibly challenging. Our value and performance driven culture define who we are.

This, clubbed with our signature entrepreneurship, makes Jogged a great workplace. Apart from the regular R&R activities, do you have any special offers or awards which are tenure based? Summit Miter: We have special Long Service Awards, which are based on tenure. Employees who have completed 5, 10, 15 and 25 years in the organization are awarded in appreciation for their service to the company at annual ceremonies, hosted by the Chairman and Managing Director. Jogged being a widespread organization, how do you maintain smooth execution of people management practices? A.

Mandrake: As we grow into an emerging market, our focus is on streamlining people management practices. Our common value system is at the helm of this drive. Strong communication and an extensive and innovative use of technology play a key role in enabling our processes. Jogged Accelerated Learning, Leadership and Orientation Programmer (GALLOP), is a special programmer designed for new employees, can you mention its key features? Summit Miter: GALLOP is a 10-month long programmer, which enables graduates from premier B-Schools to make the transition to the work environment at CAP.