Tang Taizong
an emperor of the Sui Empire; expanded the empire and accomplished many other achievements
Wu Zhao
empress-ruler during the campaign in Korea
movable types
blocks of metal or wood, each bearing a single character, that can be arranged to make up a page for printing
a class of powerful, well-to-do families who attained their status through education and civil service positions
nomads who herd domestic animals
Genghis Khan
"universal ruler;" Mongol clan leader who unified the Mongols under his leadership and then conquered most of Asia; was a very gifted strategist and used his cruelty as a weapon
Pax Mongolia
Mongol Peace; the Mongols achieved stability and law and order across much of Eurasia; trade was safe and became more active during this time
Kublai Khan
grandson of Genghis Khan; founded the Yuan Dynasty; abandoned the Mongol steppes for China
Marco Polo
a young Venetian trader; traveled by caravan on silk roads; arrived at Kublai Khans court and was sent by him to various Chinese cities on government missions; was captured by Genoa and told them his stories of China
"way of the gods;" the native culture (religion) of Japan
professional warriors who served Japanese Feudal lords
the strict code of behavior followed be samurai warriors in Japan
a supreme military commander who ruled in the name of the emperor
Khmer Empire
in present day Cambodia; rice cultivation improved and an extensive city-and-temple complexes was built at the capital
Angkor Wat
one of the worlds greatest architectural achievements; an extensive city-and-temple compexes; dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu
Koryu Dynasty
created by Wang Kon; modeled its central government after China and established a civil service system; improved Korean culture