Why is topographic monitoring sometimes useful in forecasting a volcanic eruption?
a volcano sometimes swells as lava moves into the edifice
Why do seismic activity serve as a tool of volcanic forecasting?
moving magma causes a type of earthquake called harmonic tremor
Composite volcanoes consist almost completely of lava flows
Eruption of Mt. Pinatubo cooled the Earth's climate the following year
Why do composite volcanoes consist of alternating lava and pyroclastic layers?
composite cones are created by a mixture of explosive activity and lava flows
What is the dominate eruption material in shield volcanoes?
Basalt, which also gives it the gently-sloping sides
Eruption of Mt. Pinatubo
caused global cooling the next year because incoming solar radiation was scattered off ash particles and aerosol droplets in the atmosphere
Volcanoes can form on the tectonic plates above hotspots
Why is geologic history of a volcano important in hazard prediction?
Geologic history reveals the frequency and style of eruptions
What is not produced during a pyroclastic eruption?
pahoehoe basalt