The US was gifted Florida from ? .
Great Plains
Land between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains is called ?
The US purchased the Louisiana Territory from ? .
54-40 or Fight was a slogan used to help acquire what piece of land?
Texas was annexed by the US shortly after it achieved independence from ? . The US also acquired California, Nevada, and New Mexico from them
The Oregon territory was settled after a dispute between the US and ? . They also outlawed movie west of the Appalachians.
Sand Creek Massacre
Chivington killed men, women and children of the Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes here
Treaty of Fort Laramie
What required the Sioux to move onto a reservation?
Wounded Knee Massacre
Big Foots people were slaughtered in this encounter between the US military and the Sioux
Fetterman Massacre
A victory for Natives, this is also known as the Battle of Hundred Slain
Little Big Horn
Custer and his men were defeated by Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse at this battle?
Who won the election of 1896?
Gold and Silver
The Populist Party wanted the US government to adopt what type of metal policy when backing money?
Founded as the Patrons of Husbandry to assist farm families and provide social opportunities, this organization turned farmers into political activists.
Government Corruption Frustration with the Railroads
Why did the farmers start a political party?
Farm debt
New innovations lead to...
Nationalists Merchants Farmers Patriots
Manifest Destiny was supported by....
Raids by outlaws Blizzards Limited wood supply Bugs Drought
Problems faced by farmers
Guns and Horses
What two changes did the Spanish bring to the Americas that forever changed the Plains Indians culture?
Sioux were on reservations w/in a year
What happened after "Custer's Last Stand?"
Following the Indian Wars, American government policies encouraged Native Americans to become more American. What was this policy called?
The American Government wanted the Native American men to take on what ill-suited occupation on the reservations?
Each tribe owned all the land in common
How did the Native Peoples view land ownership?
The Massacre at Wounded Knee was prompted by the rise of the __?__ Dance by Sioux who wanted to return to the old ways.
Killing the Buffalo
One of the most effective methods for destroying the Native Peoples of the Plains was what?
Giving Land to RR companies
The government encouraged the building of the railroad west. How did they accomplish this?
What political party "died" after the Election of 1896?
The Dawes Act tried to Americanize the Native Americans by giving each family what?
Cyrus McCormick
One of the great farming innovations of the 1800s was the reaper. Who began mass producing it?
Barbed Wire
One of the major causes of the decline of the cattle drives on the Great Plains was what innovation?
What industry grew on the Great Plains as a result of the rise of Chicago, Rail Roads and the end of the Civil War?
William Jennings Bryan gave a speech entitled the "Cross of ? " while running for President.
Increased $ supply which should increase the cost of good Graduated Income Tax Federal Loan Program Senators elected by people not state legislatures Single term for Pres and Vice President Secret Ballot to reduce election fraud 8 hour work day Restrictions on immigration
Populist Party Platform
The Homestead Act provided land to people willing to settle out west. The last land grab under the Homestead program was in what state?
Manifest Destiny
The belief America should spread coast-to-coast
Cash Compromise Conquer
What are the three methods the US used to acquire new land?
Who said, "Nits make lice?"
Drove the US government and citizens to acquire new western lands
Impact of Manifest Destiny
Nits make lice
View that all Natives should be killed including woman and children because they will grow into adults and warriors?
Manifest Destiny
What concept is depicted?
Belief that the US should spread from Coast-to-Coast
Define Manifest Destiny
Settlers move west US acquired land Native Americans lost homeland, way of life RR Expands
Impact of Manifest Destiny