As I traverse the stage in a direction away from the audience, I am traveling __________
Which statement best describes the end of the director's involvement with the play?
The director may still change aspects of the play during previews or the run, but primarily has given over responsibility to the audience
Which of the following is true of stylizing directors?
They are unrestrained by rigid formulas with respect to verisimilitude or realistic behavior.
__________ founded the Theatre Libre in France.
Andre Antoine
The "preplanned approach" is where the director and the actors work together to develop the movements and actions of the play.
A great directorial concept has the qualities of being generalized, well-established by tradition, intellectually relaxing, designer-oriented, and readily apparent.
George II, Duke of Saxe-Meiningen, is generally regarded as the first modern
Which of the following tasks belong to the director?
conceptualizing the play and giving it vision and purpose
How did the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries' emphasis on rationalism influence the director's role?
The demand for historical accuracy required the director to conduct comprehensive research, organization, and coordination.
A director should possess all of the following EXCEPT
a capable voice and an athletic physique, both which comprise the actor's instrument.
As a response against Stanislavsky's realism, the director Vsevolod Meyerhold evolved a theatre of "biomechanical constructivism" in Moscow.
What does a director NOT seek in a designer-director collaboration?
financial independence
This director assistant is responsible for compiling the prompt book.
Stage manager
This historic phase of the director passed on knowledge of "correct" technique.
The initial shows where a director can evaluate the production in terms of audience response and institute new changes are known as
The director's work with the designers is generally suggestive and corrective, rather than overtly controlling.
The timing and placement of a character's entrances, exits, crosses, embraces, and other major movements is called
The rhythm of a production, sometimes confused with the speed of the actor's delivery, is called
Small-scale movement on the stage, which an actor performs within the larger pattern of entrances and exits, is called
A producer may be an individual, such as an artistic director, or a partnership of individuals, such as a committee.
Appia and Craig both thought that scenic design must be more realistic and less expressionistic.
Which of the following is true of the history of lighting in scene design?
Even before the advent of electricity, designers attempted to manipulate lighting with candles, oil lamps, and reflective surfaces.
Which of the following types of stage is completely surrounded by audience?
Platforms, flats, and drapery are the traditional building blocks of fixed stage scenery.
Makeup, like costuming, is
both ceremonial and illustrative.
Makeup can serve all the functions EXCEPT which of the following? AnswerMakeup can serve all the functions EXCEPT which of the following? AnswerMakeup can serve all the functions EXCEPT which of the following?
Makeup may be used to help improve the actor's diction.
Ancient masks were thought to have supernatural powers.
A loosely woven fabric that looks opaque when lit from one side and transparent when lit from the other side is called a cyclorama.
Realistic costuming took over when which of the following became a major guiding principle in drama?
Historical accuracy
__________ argued for light as the guiding principle of all design and defined the role of the modern lighting designer.
Adolphe Appia
What kind of scenery uses evocative visual images to make a visual statement about the production's intended mood or theme?
The name given to the boards that elevate the actors above the level of the audience is a flat.
The production stage manager's primary responsibility is the working and timing of lighting cues, ensuring that the lights support the play's action and aesthetic.
Which invention brought lighting to the stage in its modern form and made lighting a more controlled part of the drama?
the gaslight
__________ will enhance the actor, complete the costume, and compensate for audience distance.
The movement toward scenic abstraction began with the theoretical and occasionally practical works of Adolphe Appia.
All of the following are elements the scenic designer might take into consideration when creating the visual presentation of the staging EXCEPT
Scenery must be practical and aesthetic.
The order and process of developing a design for a play could be summarized by the following steps:
reading the play, researching, imagining, creating a physical presentation, collaborating, approving for the budget, ensuring viability, implementing.
In describing dramatic space as "psycho-plastic," which "scenographer" (Europe's most celebrated in the 20thcentury) said "The goal of a designer can no longer be a description of a copy of actuality, but the creation of its multidimensional model?"
Joseph Svoboda