The _________ is responsible for the Internet's domain name system and the allocation of IP addresses
The main path of the Internet along which data travel the fastest is known as the Internet ___________
High-speed _________ communication lines use fiber-optics
Individual Internet users connect to ISPs through a(n) _________
Point of Presence (POP)
The main suite of protocols used on the Internet is _______
__________ uses a dedicated connection between two points with the connection remaining active for the duration of the transmission
Circuit switching
Which of the following information is NOT contained in a packet?
The size (in bytes) of the packet
A(n) _________ address is a unique number that identifies a computer, server, or device connected to the Internet
A(n) ________ address is a temporary IP address that is assigned from an available pool of IP addresses
An IP address that does not change and is usually assigned manually by a network administrator is called a ________ address
IPV6 was needed when IPV4 __________
Was eliminated
When checking to see whether a particular name is registered on the Internet, your computer accesses a database that is kept on a(n) ________ server
An IP address in the form 197.169.100.

1 is called a(n) _________

Dotted quad
In, which of the following is the top-level domain?
By adding a network prefix to an IP address, supernetting, or ________ lets a single IP address represent multiple unique IP addresses
Classless Interdomain Routing (CIDR)
Which of the following is NOT a language used in developing websites?
Which of the following was created for the transfer of hypertext documents across the Internet?
is and example of an HTML ________
Text such as This should by bolded. is an example of an HTML __________
________ determines the content in terms of the data that is being described rather than how it is to be displayed
_________ provides a procedure by which a browser can request that a program file be run rather than just being delivered to the browser
A(n) ___________ is a small program that resides on a server and is designed to be downloaded and run on a client computer
The _______ defines items on a web page such as graphics, tables, and headers as objects
Which protocol is used when sending files as attachments by e-mail?
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
In a public-key encryption, the two keys-- one for coding and one for decoding-- are known as ________
A key pair
Which of the following is an example of an instant messenger service?
Yahoo Messenger
________ permits two or more people to communicate over the Internet in real time
Instant Messaging
Strong encryption now requires _________ -bit keys