The _____ perspective emphasizes the social contexts in which people live.
Sociological perspective
The corners in life that people occupy because of their place in a society are referred to as
social location
Auguste Comte is credited as being the founder of
The phrase "survival of the fittest" was coined by
Herbert Spencer
Karl Marx believed that the engine of human history is
class conflict
Durkheim's concept of _____ refers to the degree to which people are tied to their social groups.
social integration
According to Max Weber, the central force in social change is
Early sociologist and social reformer Jane Addams
won the Nobel Prize for Peace.
In _____, symbols are the key to understanding how we look at the world and communicate with one another.
symbolic interactionism
In the eyes of _____, society is a whole unit, made up of interrelated parts that work together.
George Herbert Mead
Who was the founder of conflict theory?
Karl Marx
The language, beliefs, values, norms, and behaviors passed from one generation to the next make up a group's
Nonmaterial culture refers to a group's
ways of thinking and doing.
One thing that can be said about material culture is that
there is nothing "natural" about it.
To try to understand a culture on its own terms is called
cultural relativism.
An advantage of knowing a culture's gestures is
being able to communicate with simplicity.
The main way people communicate is through
The Sapir-Whorf hypothesis states that
language has ways of looking at the world embedded within it.
People's _____ are their ideas of what is desirable in life.
A term for rules of behavior is
Even just the thought of the violation of a _____ fills us with revulsion.
A world within the larger world of the dominant culture is a
A _____ exists between the value of group superiority and the values of freedom, democracy, and equality.
value contradiction
According to reports of _____ children, they walked on all fours, growled, and showed no sensitivity to cold.
The term _____ was coined by Charles Cooley.
looking-glass self
Apparently, having a reasonable level of _____ depends on early, close relations with other people.
_____ studied the natural process that children go through to develop their ability to reason.
The first of Piaget's developmental stages is the _____ stage.
The _____, as viewed by Freud, is the balancing force in our personality.
In Freud's terms, culture within us is represented by the
Little Jo got dolls and jewelry for presents. Her brother, Joe, got action figures and toy guns. Such a division in toys and play give children _____ lessons.
Individuals and groups that influence our orientations to life are called
anticipatory socialization.
_____ refers to learning new norms, values, attitudes, and behaviors to match a new situation in life.
Resocialization `
An attempt to remake the self by stripping away an individual's current identity and stamping a new one in its place is
a degradation ceremony.