In the past, women have been denied which of the following?
all of the above
Which of the following statements about federal judges is TRUE?
They are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate.
A democracy must allow freedom of expression, otherwise
democracy does not really exist.
The Supreme Court's decision in Marbury v. Madison
established the Court's power of judicial review.
In the cartoon, mass marching
endangers the democratic process.
To have a fair trial, a person is guaranteed all of the following EXCEPT
media coverage if demanded.
The cartoonist depicts the democratic process as
The first major Supreme Court case that challenged affirmative action was
University of California v. Bakke.
The cartoon deals with conflicts between the general welfare and
individual freedoms.
Seditious speech is speech that urges others to
overthrow the government.
The court that first hears a case is said to have
original jurisdiction.
A person may do as he or she chooses in this country
as long as that person does not infringe on the rights of others.
Which of the following statements about civil rights is NOT true?
Rights are extended only to citizens.
Consequences of the historical bias against Native Americans in this country include all of the following EXCEPT
the growth of the Native American population in the United States.
The right to privacy inherent in the concept of due process has been applied with the most controversy recently in cases involving
The 13th Amendment forbids
slavery and most forms of involuntary servitude.
Under the Establishment Clause, the government still has the power to do all of the following EXCEPT
establish an acceptable voluntary prayer for use in public schools.
Which of the following is a TRUE statement about a writ of certiorari?
The Supreme Court grants cert in a limited number of instances.
When arresting a person, police must
have probable cause to believe the person is involved in criminal activity.
Congress did not pass civil rights legislation from the 1870s to the late 1950s MAINLY because
those in power were unaware, unconcerned, or strongly opposed.
The Civil Rights Act of 1964
outlaws discrimination in public accommodations and hiring practices
The purposes of the 12 federal courts of appeals include all of the following EXCEPT:
to hear original cases that have bypassed lower courts.
The Framers provided for life tenure for federal judges
both a and b
Which of the following federal courts exercises both original and appellate jurisdiction?
the Supreme Court
The 10 amendments known as the Bill of Rights were originally intended as restrictions against
the new National Government.
Government has the right to make reasonable rules regulating assemblies
to protect against the inciting of violence or the endangerment of life.
Which is the MOST accurate description of the way minority groups historically have been treated in the United States?
with reluctance to accept their equality
The Free Exercise Clause gives people the right to
believe whatever they choose to believe in matters of religion.
Since the military tribunals ordered by President Bush are not part of the military's courts-martial system, it can be inferred that
judgments made in those tribunals cannot be appealed.
As the Supreme Court goes about its work of interpreting and applying laws passed by Congress, it exemplifies
the system of checks and balances.
One weakness of the Articles of Confederation was that
it did not provide for a national judiciary.
Which of the following paved the way for nearly 60 years of continued segregation in the United States?
he separate-but-equal doctrine
The cartoonist seems MOST concerned about
the strength of the democratic process.
Most importantly, the Supreme Court is called the High Court because it is the
last court in which federal questions can be decided.
The Supreme Court has ruled that demonstrations on private property
are not protected by the 1st Amendment if demonstrators are trespassing.
De jure segregation
was the result of laws or other government actions.
In regard to the issue of equality, the Constitution states that
no person can be denied equal protection of the laws.
Which part of the Constitution declares that a person can become an American citizen either by birth or naturalization?
14th Amendment
The list of cases to be heard by a court is called a
If a Supreme Court judge has personal religious objections to military service, but rules in favor of the draft because it is a federal law, that judge is practicing
judicial restraint.
A person can become a citizen of the United States by all of the following means EXCEPT
illegally crossing the Mexican border into Texas.
Which statement BEST explains the point the cartoonist is trying to make?
There is a danger that the democratic process can be harmed by mass marching for causes.
In an earlier part of United States history, Congress
helped further the discrimination of minorities by inaction.
Which of the following requires a warrant?
the installation of a wiretap.
Much of the discrimination against Asian Americans in the mid-1800s can be traced to
competition for jobs.
The guarantee against double jeopardy protects a person from being tried
twice for the same crime.
The percentage of Hispanic Americans in the United States has overtaken that of African Americans because
the number of both groups has grown, but the number of Hispanic Americans has grown more.
The Due Process Clause guarantees that
States will not deny people any basic or essential liberties.
The MOST IMPORTANT reason why the United States needed a national court system was that
each State was interpreting laws for itself.