A freckle is called a:
Why is the dermis layer sometimes referred to as the "true skin?"
it comprises the largest percentage of total skin mass
When testing a patient's far visual acuity, the medical assistant uses which type of chart?
Which of the following is NOT a means of transmitting the HIV virus?
The medical terms for throat and windpipe are:
pharynx and trachea
Which statement is NOT true of ALS?
it occurs most frequently in women in their 30s
A sore throat is commonly caused by:
When testing a patientt for color blindness, the medical assistant uses which type of chart?
A middle ear infection is called:
otitis media
Which of the following information includes diet, smoking history, and alcohol consumption?
social history
Bleeding between menses is:
The muscular action that moves food along the gastrointestinal tract is called:
Which of the following pulses is auscultated with a stethoscope?
Which of the following is a clouding of the lens of the eye?
which disorder is caused by overactive thyroid?
Which type of lesion is a sign of a partial thickness (second degree) burn?
A BRAT diet is used to treat:
Which of the following is NOT sexually transmitted?
Escherichia coli
Menses lasting longer than 7 days is:
Which condition is not ususally associated with injuries caused by accidents?
A KUB is an x-ray examination of the:
kidneys, ureters, and bladders
The section of the medical history that helps uncover exsisitng or potential health problems is called the:
systems review
If a patient receives a diagnosis of secondary hypertension, this means that:
the hypertension is associated with another disease
When instilling ear drops in a child, pull the pinna
down and back
advanced hyperthyroidism in adult hood
The usual sequence of the general physcial examination involves moving
from the head towards the feet
Which of the following refers to scanty amounts of urine production
Which of the following refers to the passage of urine from the body
Micturition, Urination, and Voiding
Which of the following information includes demogaphic information
A cloudy lens is called
When the physician requests a nebulizer to treat a patient, the route of the drug administration is through:
Which of the following means inflammation of the covering of the brain?
Which examination position is used in emergencies for patients in shock?
Which of the endocrine glans in divided into anterior and posterior lobes?
Which of the following words refers to large amounts of urine production?
is the stage of labor when the placenta is delivered
Stage III
As soon as possible after a musculoskeletal injury, RICE therapy should be initiated. This stands for:
rest, ice, compression, and elevation
Which is the most effective method of birth control?
A surgical puncture of a joint to remove fluid is called:
If a patient is anxious, the medical assistant would expect the pulse to be:
The word that means "the study of the skin" is:
Which of the following pulses is palpated on either side of the trachea?
To which degree of accuracy should the child's head circumference be measured?
1/4 inch
During testing of a patient's visual acuity, the patient reads the 20/25 line with both eyes. The visual acuity shouldbe recorded as:
O.U. 20/25
A disease that results in the enlargment of bones of the hands, feet, jaws, and cheeks in adults is:
Which of the following diseasses is NOT associated with aging?
diabetes mellitus type 1
Tetanus is part of which immunization:
If the results of occults blood screening are positive, the patient:
should receive further tests to determine the cause
Constipation can be treated with:
Which of the following information in the medical record is considered subjective?
medical history
Which examination postion required the medical assistant to raise the head of the bed to a 30-degree to 45-degree angle?
To obtain a useful evalution of pulmonary function in the patient with asthma, you must administer the test when the patient:
is having a bronchial spasm
Which highly contagious disorder is caused by streptococci and characterized by itchy vesicles and pustules?
Swimmer's ear is called:
otitis externa
Which of the following is NOT a part of the colon?
Which antiseptic(s) are the most effective for a surgical hand scrub or patient skin preparation for surgery?
Hibiclens and providine-iodine
Which one of the endocrine glands produces epinephrine and norepinephrine?
Which of the following involves stating an observation or recognition of a patient's feelings?
Cognex and Aricept are used to treat:
Alzheimer's disease
Prostate cancer can be detected with:
Which examination position is used for rectal or sigmoid examinations?
Which medical record system has a standard format that makes it easy to read and audit?
Which of the following is a closed-ended question?
"Does your head hurt?"
Which of the following is a sterile procedure usually used before a urine culture and antibiotic susceptibility test?
catheterization of the bladder
Which structure is classified as part of the upper respiratory tract?
Which preparation or instruction may negatively affect the accuracy of the Snellen visual acuity test?
allowing the patient to squint
Which of the following pulses is palpated behind the ankle?
posterior tibias
The main trunk of the respiratory system is the:
Which of the following pulses is palpated above the elbow?
Inflammation of the kidney is:
A patient who describes seeing an aura before the onset of a severe headache often has a sign of:
migraine headache
The medical term that means a condition of difficutly in swallowing is:
Colon cancer can be screened for during a(an):
is direct observation of the x-ray image in motion.
Which of the following pulses is palpated on top of the foot?
dorsalis pedis
When a blood pressure cuff is deflated,the last tapping sound is the:
A patient who reports occasional acute pain in a big toe may have:
gouty arthritis
Which of the following pulses is palpated behind the knee?
A badge for monitoring radiation exposure to personnel is called a:
Which statement is NOT true of absence or petit mal seizure?
it has a clonic/tonic phase
While you are taking the medical history of a new patient,the patient mentions having occasional headaches that are quite painful. What is the best way for you to proceed with the interview?
ask him an open-ended question about the headaches
If a patient reporting abdominal pain points to the area in which the stomach is located,what do you note to indicate location on the chart?
Backward (upward) bending of the foot is known as:
A surgical repair of the nose is called:
Hearing loss in older adults is called:
Crackling sounds heard on auscultation of the chest are known as:
HPV is associated with:
Yellow-colored skin is:
The cervix controls the opening to which organ?
Which of the following disorders is associated with aging?
Loss of bone mass is known as:
Blueness of the skin is:
What is the most common cause of UTIs?
escherichia coli
Nonprodutive cough and expiratory wheezing are signs of:
Application of heat to a musculoskletal injury results in:
increased blood flow, reduced muscle spasms,and local warmth
Which type of abortion can result in a D&C?
Which of the following is NOT considered to be one of the three layers in the integumentary system?
hair papilla
How long should the pulse be counted for the most accurate results?
1 minute
Which part of the urinary system is responsible for transporting urine from the kidneys to the bladder?
A blister is called a:
Which common medication is not recommended for children because of its link to a sometimes fatal disease?
Which type of abortion is characterized by spotting without dilation of the cervix?
Visual examination of a joint with an endoscope is known as: