ARPA - pentagons'S advanced research projects agency
Internet's roots round in networking project started by:
1)allowed sharing of information and working together 2) could function even if part of network were destroyed
ARPA's goal for network
ARPA's network launch when and what called:
Uni of CA,LAuni of CA, Santa BarbaraStanford Research InstituteUniversity of Utah
Original ARPANET's four main computers were where:
1986, NSFnet
In ___, national science foundation connected it'd network of five supercomputers (____) to ARPANET to create the Internet
NSFnet terminated its network and resumed its status as a research network
Nonprofit research development project founded in ___ to develop and test advanced network tech for short-term
Computer or device is usually connected to Internet entire time it is on
Modem in computer connects to Internet via standard phone line. And analogue signal. Slower. But cheaper Or more accessible.
FTTP - fiber to the premises
Fiber optic cable to provide Internet access
Fixed wireless
Provides Internet access using dish shaped antenna on building to communicate with tower/source
DSL digital subscriber line
Internet access by using regular copper telephone lines
regional/national ISPs, online service providers, and wireless internet service providers
Access providers
Internet backbone
Major carriers of network traffic are known collectively as the:
IP Address
Number that uniquely identifies each device or computer connected to Internet.

Four groups of numbers separated by a periodNumber in each group between o and 255First portion identifies networkLast portion identifies specific computer
What makes up an IP address
Domain name
Text version of an IP address
Top level domain
Last section of domain name which identifies type of organization associated with domain
ICANN - Internet corporation for assigned names and numbers
Organization that assigns and controls top level domains
Domain name system - DNS server
Method Internet uses to store domain names and corresponding IP addresses. ____ translates domain name to associates IP address.
New IP addressing scheme that may increase number of available IP addresses