how are the terms "educational technology" and "instructional technology" related?
instructional technology is a subset of educational technology
what is one thing educators have learned from the history of technology in education?
human teachers will always be very important
studies have shown that students need this in order to decrease the digital divide.
access to technologies with instruction on how to use them
the international society for technology in education (ISTE), an educational technology professional organization, has developed these to guide students, teachers, and school administrators.
national educational technology standards
when students claim that materials they found online were ones they created themselves, it is called this.
some technology integration strategies are designed to foster this because Bandura's theory holds that some students who are innately capable sometimes do not learn because they lack it.
what are the 3 knowledge domains in the Tech-PACK?
content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, and technological knowledge
in what situation is the directed technology integration strategy an appropriate solution?
when skills to be learned are clearly defined
whats an example of a technology integration strategy that could help facilitate either directed or constructivist models?
to remove logistical hurdles to learning
what is a typical technology integration strategy based on constructivist learning models?
showing video-based problems that students solve through small group work
what is an acknowledged benefit of drill and practice software?
immediate feedback
what are two categories people usually use to describe tutorial software functions?
linear and branching
what are 3 benefits offered by simulations?
gets students involved, slows down processes, makes experimentation safe
what is a typical classroom application for instructional games?
to help automatic recall of required skills
this is usually one characteristic of an integrated learning system. (ILS)
has software that spans several grade levels
this is one controversies surrounding use of word processing in schools.
effects of word processing on students writing
since the release of products such as this, teachers and students can now use software tools to create, edit, and share documents at the same time over the internet.
google docs
these tools take over the task of doing arithmetic functions so that students can focus on higher level mathematics concepts.
this built-in features of many word-processing programs can create problems if it replaces words with ones the user did not intend.
auto correction
though using this kind of software does not assure an organized, coherent talk or lecture, its emphasis on breaking information into component parts can promote a more organized approach.
presentation software
the function of an IEP generator is to...
assist teachers in preparing IEPs
which kind of software tool would a teacher chose in order to develop a test item bank?
test generator
a teacher could use this kind of software to analyze and do descriptive statistics on student responses in an action research project.
statistical software project
if a social studies teacher wanted to poll students anonymously about their opinions on a local issue, she might use this tool to gather their data.
online survey tool
what tool would be most effective to most geography teachers?
GPS system
this technology has its roots in a concept by Vannevar Bush in his landmark 1945 article "As We May Think."
in hypermedia authoring, this planning step can help save time and make sure students include what they want in their products.
these tools, which can be read from a computer screen, on mobile devices, or as print books with interactive buttons, can provide support for young readers.
interactive storybooks
this is a popular line of research on the instructional benefits of hypermedia.
impact on student engagement
this is a popular integration strategy for interactive presentation hypermedia.
game-based reviews