Dominican Republic
Historical fiction
set in past, time period and portrayal is at core of story
What historical fiction means
1930 to 1961
Trujillo really ruled from
Santo Domingo to Cuidad Trujillo, and changed names of roads and bridges
What did Trujillo change
Patria, Dede, Minerva, Maria Teresa (Mate) Mirabel
Sisters, in order from oldest to youngest
New York City
Where Julia Alvarez was born
Dominican Republic
Where Julia Alvarez was raised
at age ten, to NYC
When did Julia Alvarez move, and where did she move to?
her dad was in the underground revolution, and she felt like it was her responsibility to share the story
Why did Julia Alvarez write "in time of the butterflies"?
Champlain Valley, Vermont
where Alvarez lives now
environmentalist, farmer, settled down
What does Alvarez do now?
Dede, epilogue, she has her coming of age
Who writes in third person, and when does she switch to first? Why does she switch?
Dede's character and inner self
what does the garden symbolize?
the reign of Trujillo
what does the rain symbolize?
her "complications" start, and she finds out the truth about Trujillo
what marks Minerva's coming of age?
doesn't want the things she is learning to be true, but can't hold the truth back
when Minerva binds her chest, she symbolically...
the country blinded by Trujillo
moths symbolize
Sor Asuncion
who is the moth who scolds the girls for standing up against Trujillo in a play?
loses child, faith, and innocence
what is Patria's coming-of-age?
her faith, loses it with the dead baby
What does Patria's "pearl" symbolize?
in the people
Where does Patria find her new faith?
Jaimito, Leo
Who represents being safe for Dede, and who is the revolution to her?
she doesn't let Minerva join the revolution, and burns Lio's letter
What does Dede do that is moth like?
her father dying, her half-sisters coming to his funeral, and her loss of her "super dad"
What is Mate's coming-of-age?
Love and Revolution, Love
What are the two forces in Minerva's life? Which does she pick?
He is tortured, probably electrocuted
What happens to Papa in prison?
takes care of things
What does the "mother in the house" do?
They give up their sons to a greater cause
What do both Mary and Patria do to be compared?
June 14, 1959, boy gets shot
When was the real retreat that Patria went to, and what did she see?
nelson joins the revolution, baby is named "Raul Ernesto"
What are the two hints that Patria's carefully built "house" is getting cracks in it?
She pushes over the Mary statue and takes her place (during bombing)
How does Patria overthrow the "gaudy" religion, and become the mother of revolutionists?
lets conspirators use her house, her "house" will fall down
What does Patria do to show that she is joining the revolution? What does this make her afraid of?
she is afraid
Why doesn't Dede join the revolution?
it is starting to become chaotic, but won't grow into anything
How does Dede's garden symbolize her when her sisters ask her sisters confront her about the revolution?
defying Jaimito
How does Dede show courage and butterfly-like qualities in the chapter when she decides NOT to join her sisters?
husband, son, house, and sanity; Nelson
What does Patria suffer the loss of, and what hits her the hardest?
goes to see Pena, prays to God, and prays to Trujillo
What does Patria do to try to get Nelson back?
to protect Santiclo
Why doesn't Mate drop the note about her torture to the OAS?
love and friends, Leandro and Santiclo
What does Mate choose over the revolution in prison? name two examples
uniting prisoners, create solidarity, signifies time in jail as suffering because of beliefs
What does the crucifixes' purpose/meaning in prison?
crown of thorns, crucifixion, sacrificial lamb, light and hope, and calvary
How does Patria signify Jesus?
her walk up the stairs to pick up Nelson from prison
What is Patria's calvary?
God claiming her, her death
What does Patria think of when Trujillo calls her name to claim Nelson? What does this foreshadow?
Who does Patria marry?
Who does Minerva marry?
Who does Mate marry?
Mercedes and Enrique
What are Mama's and Papa's names?
go to church and see husbands
What are Minerva and Mate allowed to leave the house arrest to do twice a week?
hope, scared
During house arrest, Minerva is seen to others as _____, but in reality, is ______.
adversity, trying to get men out of prison
What gives Minerva bravado during house arrest?
SIM take it for headquarters
Why does Minerva need to go back to her house while under house arrest?
says that she is Minerva
What does Dede do when pulled over by SIM with Minerva?
storm, find out that men will be moved back in a few weeks, "Avoid the Pass" on card, three crosses, and "Talk of the People, Voice of God"
What are a few things that foreshadow the sisters' deaths in the last chapter?
the epilogue, losing sisters, breast cancer, divorce, mama dying
What is Dede's coming of age?
put them back in the car and push it off the cliff
What do the murderers do to make the butterflies deaths seem like accidents?
realizing that maybe it all happened for a reason, after talking to the new president
What makes the loss bearable to Dede, and when does she realize this?
the country became unstable again
What happens that makes it hard again for Dede, after she decided that her sisters' deaths were for a reason?
all she is missing
What is Dede's missing left breast symbolic of?