Charlie Patton
-Wrote "Pony Blues" - Considered "Father of Delta Blues"
Robert Johnson
-Wrote "Sweet Home Chicago" -Died from a poisoned drink at the young age of 27
Scott Joplin
-Wrote "Maple Leaf Rag" -Considered "King of Ragtime"
James Reese Europe
-Best known for his "Society Orchestra -Organized the "Clef Club"
Society Orchestra
-Known for syncopated rhythm in their music -First African American Orchestra to be offered a record deal
Buddy Bolden
-Commonly credited as first Jazz musician -Wrote "Funky Butt"
Ma Rainey
-One of the earliest known professional blues singers -Billed as "The Mother of the Blues"
Bessie Smith
-Recorded "Down Hearted Blues" -Known as "The Empress of the Blues"
Jelly Roll Morton
-Composed "Black Bottom Stomp" -Wrote "the Inventor of Jazz" on his business card
Sidney Bechet
-His song, "Le Petit Fleur" was prominently featured in Wood Allen's "Midnight in Paris" -Died on his 62nd Birthday
King Oliver
-Gave Louis Armstrong his start -Worked as a Janitor at a poolroom