Spanish Inquisition
Began by Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand in newly untied Spain, a movement to force all citizens to convert to Christianity or leave
Sonni Ali
Songhai ruler that conquered all of western Africa to establish the Songhai Empire
Song Dynasty
Emperor Taizu took power in 960 in China, and created this dynasty. Eventually this dynasty fell to Mongols in 1279
Socrates , Plato, and Aristotle
Ancient Greek philosophers who believed that the truth could be discerned through rational thought and the quest for goodness would lead to eternal peace and happiness
Society of Righteous and Harmonious Fists , or Boxers
This group was composed of men that were anti-Manchu, European , and Christian , they organized once China became occupied by Western Countries and Japan
Social Darwinists
Applied Charles Darwin's theory of natural selection to sociology.
Six Days' War
A battle fought in 1967 against Arab nations and the Israelis, lasted only six days and resulted in a total victory for Israel
Sir Thomas More
Wrote a book called Utopia and the book described an ideal society where wealth was shared and every member of society's needs were met
Sir Isaac Newton
Invented calculus to help prove scientific theories and also worked out the law of gravity
Sino-Japanese War
A war between Japan and China over territory and trade right in 1893
Sino-French War
The French waged war on China for the control of Vietnam in 1883, The Chinese lost the war and control of Vietnam
Simon Bolivar
Appointed to lead Venezuela after the Spanish colonists chose to ignore France's rule. Established a national congress in 1811 which declared independence from Spain
Silk Road
A major trade route over land from China to the Roman Empire, the road took months to traverse
Means "the way of the gods" and was the earliest Japanese religion, they worshiped the kami
Believed that Mohammad's son in law , Ali , was the rightful heir of the Islam Empire
Sharpeville Massacre
Sixty-seven unarmed protesters in Sharpeville South Africa , who were speaking out against apartheid were shot and killed by police force
Petition of Right
a document that limited taxes and forbid unlawful imprisonment in England in 1628
Pierre Toussaint L'Ouverture
was a former slave and started a long and violent slave revolt in Europe, despite them winning against 20,000 troops, L'Ouverture was captured
Platt Amendment
Allowed the United States to remain involved in Cuban affairs, it also allowed the U.S to retain economic and military territories
the name for a city-state in Greece, each one shared a common culture and identity
Political Action Party
a center-right , Christian democratic party and one of the three main political partied in Mexico
the religious belief in multiple gods who affect life on earth
Ponce de Leon
explored Florida on behalf of Spain in 1513. was searching for the fountain of youth
Pope Innocent III and Pop Gregory IX
issued strict decrees from the church, started the Inquisition, a formalized interrogation and persecution process of heretics
Pope Leo X
the head of the Catholic Church when Martin Luther posted his 95 theses, was furious and ordered Luther to retract his theses