Health is
influenced by a number of factors
Smoking cessation is an example of
health education and promotion
Crude, adjusted, and specific rates are examples of
epidemiological data
Physical and health education, nutrition services, and counseling are just a few of the elements of ________
coordinated school health
Behavioral patterns are the most prominent influences of health in the U.S. today.
A total of 300 new cases of tuberculosis have been diagnosed throughout the U.S. This would be classified as a(n)
An individual's genetic makeup, socioeconomic status, and genetics are
determinants of health
Identify whether the disease is communicable or noncommunicable. A. Communicable B. Communicable C. Noncommunicable D. Communicable E. Noncommunicable F. Noncommunicable
1:D, 2:C, 3:E, 4:B, 5:F, 6:A
The levels of prevention are (select all that apply)
all of the above
When compared to the 19th Century, communicable diseases are one of the leading causes of death today.
The most recent updates to the competencies and sub-competencies was under the
Health Education Specialist Practice Analysis (HESPA) project
To qualify for the CHES exam, an individual does not have to be a health education major/posses a health education degree.
Which is NOT one of the seven areas of responsibility?
Manage health education programs and volunteers
One way to stay current and be involved in the profession is to
. Be an active member of SOPHE B. Become a member of SHAPE America C. Attend graduate school Correct D. All of the above
The CHES exam is offered once every October and April
How many continuing education hours must a CHES and MCHES complete within a five-year cycle?
What is something to consider when applying for graduate school?
A. Is there a GRE requirement? B. When is the application due? C. What is the GPA requirement? Correct D. All of the above
Certifications are granted to institutions, whereas accreditations are granted to individuals.
This organization was established in 1988 to manage the CHES process.
. National Commission for Health Education Credentialing
The first CHES exam was offered in 1990.
What setting would give a health educator experience working with diseases that are unfamiliar to the U.S. like malnutrition and diarrhea?
Voluntary health agencies
are created by concerned citizens to address gaps left by governmental health agencies
Healthy People was created to improve global health
Which is NOT a work-site health activity?
grant writing
Brushing one's teeth at least once a day, play part of everyday outdoors, and sleep long hours with the window open are from
1922 - Rules of Good Health
A lack of third party reimbursement can make which setting difficult to obtain work in?
An advantage of working in the public health setting is
good benefits and promotion opportunities
An individual hired with money secured through a grant is hired paid with hard money.
What is the benefit of becoming a member of a professional organization?
A. Internship and employment opportunities B. Continuing education opportunities C. Access to peer reviewed journals Correct D. All of the above
Hiring a health education specialist would be a great investment for a business.
The Greek physician credited as being the first epidemiologist and the father of modern medicine was
Which act provided support for state health departments and their programs, including the development of sanitary facilities and improvements in maternal and child health?
Social Security Act
Which book of the Bible is considered to be the world's first written hygienic code?
The history of health education as an emerging profession is just over ________ years old.
The most recent set of national health objectives for the United States is titled
Healthy People 2020
During the 1700s the "miasmas theory" held that
disease was caused when vapors rising from rotting refuse were inhaled.
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
expands healthcare to millions of uninsured Americans.
Which of the following groups built the most extensive aqueduct system to bring fresh water to its subjects?
One of the more important health education studies that was conducted in the Los Angeles Area and was designed to evaluate the effectiveness of school health work in selected schools and colleges of the area was the
School Health Education Evaluation Study.
Which great epidemic during the Middle Ages resulted in the most discrimination and isolation of its victims?