In a vertical climate zone, where would you find the coldest, wettest climate?
At the highest point
The climate in the Andes and the Pampas is influenced by what?
El Niño
The altiplano is high, flat land area in the Andes filled with:
Natural resources
Which empire was the largest in the Americas in the 1400's?
The Incas
One of the Europeans strongest weapon against the Incas was:
In the 1970's, political unrest began with the overthrow of President Allende occurred in which country?
What language is spoken by most people in the region?
_______ is both good and bad for the countries in the Andes and the Pampas.
An important tool used to strengthen the democracies of the Andes and the Pampas is:
At the top of the class system during Spanish colonial times were those who were born in Spain, who were known as:
The Andes and the Pampas have a wide range of ecosystems because of:
The effects of altitude
Why is the population density of the Andes and the Pampas unevenly distributed?
Because if the variety of climate and landforms in the region
In what country would you find people of almost entirely Spanish and Italian ancestry?
Which of the following have indigenous people achieved in Bolivia in recent years?
Political power
In which if the following ways has geography affected the history of the Andes and the Pampas?
Societies have always been isolated from one another as the Andes are difficult to cross
The ethnic makeup of the Andes and the Pampas:
Has had no influence on the history of the region
In the early 1900's, what did South American governments encourage as a way of helping nations become economically independent?
Spain's Roman Catholic Church:
Worked to convert native peoples in the Andes and the Pampas to Christianity
What became a symbol of life on the Pampas?
The gaucho
What is one way that the nations of South America combating poverty?
By increasing government investments in education