composed of parts of the hind brain and the midbrain, lowest part of the brain
Initiation and control of rapid movement of the limbs; posture and balance
Controls breathing, heart rate, digestion, and other vital reflexes.

Reticular Formation
Controls sleep and arousal; attention
Processes auditory and visual sensory information
Relay station that connects various parts of the brain. Regulates awareness, attention, motivation and emotion.
Limbic System
Influences emotions, motives, and hormones (Separates lower brain regions from cortex)
Regulates behavior related to survival. Sexual Behavior, Hunger, Thirst, Sleep, Water/Salt Balance, Body Temp, Hormones.

Learning & memory formation.
Involved in emotional responses such as fear, anger and disgust; learning and memory formation. (Means Almond in latin, it looks like almonds on the end of hippocampus.)
Limbic System Mnemonic
" I knew it was lunch time because my hypothalamus told me I was Hungry, Thirsty and cold.

My hippocampus helped me remember a new restaurant that opened on CAMPUS, but when I got there I had to wait in line and my amygdala reacted with Anger. "

Cerebral Cortex
The outer layer of the brain. This is the area where your human behaviors come from.
Occipital Lobe
(Optical, Occipital, seeing.

) Located in the back of the head

Temporal Lobe
Processing of auditory information, hearing. Located behind the ear, by your temples. (Listening to music and thing of the tempo.)
Parietal Lobe
involved in processing bodily information. Involved in pain and posture.
Frontal Lobe
Important in thinking and planning behavior, coordinating complex movements, and constructing new memories; emotional control.

Located behind the forehead, used for forethought, keeps you from forgetting

Broca's Area
Speech production; located in frontal lobe-left side only. Involved in speech and "Bro"duction. Language and Left hemisphere. L words.
Wernicke's Area
Speech and comprehension/understanding; located in temporal lobe- left side only
Corpus Calosum
Connects the hemispheres of the brain -its a bundle of axons
Pineal Glad
produces hormones including meletonin
Myelin Sheath
Covers axon
Branched extensions along the nerve cell, along which impulses received from other cells at synapses are transmitted to cell body.
Separates neurons, a structure that permits a neuron to pass an electrical or chemical symbol.
Frontal Lobe
Thinking & Emotions
Motor Strip
Run, walk, motor skills
Sensory Strip
Parietal Lobe
Touch and body tempature
Temporal Lobe
Auditory, speaking
Occipital Love