Nevin Nollop
the man who the town is founded after and created the sentence on the statue
Ella's mother
Ella's cousin who is also in love with Nate; threatens the Council with notes and is then imprisoned until saved by Nate
the last person to work on Enterprise 32 with Ella
a young girl who finds the first broken tile and brings it to the Council
ella's father who makes moonshine bottles and accidentally writes the perfect sentence; has a slip up near a police man and in poker games that gets him banished
the last of her family to stay in Nollopville and the one who discovers the perfect sentence written by her father
a professor at the university who has a daughter named Paula and works in Enterprise 32; he is eventually shot and killed; he used an illegal letter in an interview then tried to run
Gordon Wellingham
one of the members on the council who called the first meeting together when the z fell
mannheim's daughter; lived with marigold shropshire
a woman who ella origianlly refers to as the woman in the pretty orange hat.

she befriends ella and eventually leaves

Hamilton Ferguson
chief secretary high island council; he often writes the new rules
Mittie Purcy
she is tassie's mother and a schoolteacher; she says dozen and a woman's name with z and is then banished (she decides to leave with tassie and nate)
Nate Warren
a man from savannah who is writing a newspaper- he comes and lives with tassie and challenges lyttle to make the 32 letter sentence; he is eventually captured and banished but comes back to save tassie
works at the laundromat and was elected to attend as a representative for the council when the z fell
the only sane council member who is challenged by nate to create the sentence and who eventually restores peace to Nollopville by repealing the rules
Georgeanna Towgate
has a son named tim who she begs mittie to save after reporting mittie twice; eventually loses her family then befriends mittie again; paints herself and dies of lead poisoning in the end
Rory Cummels
owns a market and is originally rude to mittie because his family left him; he later befriends mittie until he is banished after the council takes his land and he rebels
the young girl that rory uses to send letters to mittie
Charles Ray McHenry
orders moonshine vessels from Amos and offers him a large sum of money for it
Sentry P William
the prison guard who allows tassie to escape