digital convergence
is the use of a single device to handle media, Internet, entertainment, and telephony needs. You see digital convergence in the evolution of smartphones. Digital convergence is also seen in the migration of digital devices into environments like the cabin of cars.
The Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA;
is an organization working to standardize different kinds of appliances and network devices used in our homes.

the use of equipment to provide voice communications over a distance, has shifted from an analog science to a digital one.
phones—have the same components as any computer
: a processor (central processing unit, or CPU), memory, and input and output devices. Cell phones require their own operating system (OS) software and have their own application software
read only memory ROM
phone input devices
microphone, touch pad, iphone
phone out put devices
LCD, speakers
digital processing
Sound enters as a sound wave. An analog-to-digital converter chip converts the waves into digital signals. The digital data is compressed so it will transmit more quickly.

A specialized chip called the digital signal processor included in the cell phone handles the compression work. The digital data is transmitted as a radio wave to the destination phone. When you receive a call, the digital signal processor decompresses the message. An amplifier boosts the signal and it is passed on to the speaker.

Bluetooth chips
transfer data wirelessly to any other Bluetooth-enabled device. It uses radio waves to transmit data signals.
3G brought mobile device data-transfer rates as high as 3.8 Mbps. 3G is more reliable than WiFi and is less susceptible to interference. 3G blankets most major urban areas with connectivity.

4G can provide mobile connection speeds of up to 100 Mbps. Most providers can't deliver true 4G speeds; their 4G networks deliver speeds of 6 Mbps to 11 Mbps. These "4G LTE" connections are faster than 3G but don't meet the rate required to be true 4G. The expansion of 4G will usher in a new generation of mobile devices.
which makes sure that as long as you have a 3G/4G signal, your computer can access the Internet even when it tells you there are no available wireless networks
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
a form of voice-based Internet communication that turns a standard Internet connection into a means to place phone calls, including long-distance calls. Traditional telephone communications use analog voice data and telephone connections.

In contrast, VoIP uses technology similar to that used in e-mail to send your voice data digitally over the Internet.

data plan.
Internet connectivity plan or text messaging plan
digitle publishing
One big allure of digital publishing is distribution. Ease of access to digital books is very attractive. e-readers offer many advantages over paper books: Integrated dictionaries pull up a definition just by highlighting a word.
Electronic text (e-text)
is textual information captured digitally so that it can be stored, manipulated, and transmitted by electronic devices
sampling rate
specifies the number of times the analog wave is measured each second.

The higher the sampling rate, the more accurately the original wave can be recreated.

Digital music file formats
include MP3, AAC and WMA
DRM-free music
which is music without any digital rights management (DRM). DRM is a system of access control that allows only limited use of material that's been legally purchased. It might be that the song can only run on certain devices or a movie can only be viewed a certain number of times.
files have different formats and extensions depending on the manufacturer of a particular camera.

This file records all of the original image information, so it's larger than a compressed file.

files can be compressed just a bit, keeping most of the details, or compressed a great deal, losing some detail. Most cameras allow you to select from a few different compression levels.
aren't available in smartphone cameras
such as different types of autofocus, image stabilization algorithms, and smile shutter, which waits to take the shot until your subject is smiling.
HD video recording
DVR PVR Slingbox