What type of terminal is in a retail store where a customer pays their bill?
You have a camera with a 24 MP resolution. How many pixels are represented by that resolution?
24 million
What is the electronic component that interprets and carries out the instructions that operate the computer?
How many peripheral devices can you connect (daisy chain) with one USB port?
Just over 126
Which of the following is a network of several servers together in a single location?server farmserver unitserver mainframeserver aggregate
server farm
You have a new e-book reader and you are expecting to be away on a long hike with it. How many hours of reading can you get from it before needing to recharge it?
75 hours
What is the technology featured in the trend known as the Internet of Things?
embedded computers
What is the term for an ultrathin laptop that uses the Windows operating system?
You keep hearing a colleague of yours use a term and you are unfamiliar with it.

Ultimately, however, you realize that it is a synonym for the term port. What is it?

You need a version of Firewire technology that will support older Firewire devices, of which you have many, as well as newer ones. What word do you want to see in the specs?
Backward Compatible
Which of the following terms includes speakers, webcams, and printers that are attached to a computer?peripheralsjunk plugged inportsembedded computers
Which of the following occurs when the electrical supply or voltage increases more than five percent above the normal volts?brownouta complete melt-down manpower surge911
Power surge
A large, expensive, powerful server that can handle hundreds or thousands of connected users simultaneously.
What are the two main components on the motherboard?
Memory and processor
Your manager has asked you to shift usage and consumption of technology resources from a local environment managed by in-house IT staff to the Internet. What kind of computing will allow you to accomplish her goal?
Which of the following cameras is a high-end digital camera that has interchangeable lenses and uses a mirror to display on its screen an exact replica of the image to be photographed?MMSconvertiblepoint-and-shootSLR
You are outside in a public park with your friend. Both of you have Wi-Fi devices.

For the devices to communicate with each other, what is the maximum distance they can be apart?

300 ft
Which of the following is an affordable and lightweight digital camera with lenses built into it and a screen that displays an approximation of the image to be photographed?point-and-shootSLRMMSconvertible
Which of the following is not a determinant of the category in which a computer best fits?pixel countspeedpriceprocessing power
Pixel count
What is the term for the smallest element in an electronic image?
Form the choices below, which type of computer could support the most (thousands) connected users.
You need to set up a computer to store and deliver e-mail. Which of the following are you most likely to use?network serverfile servermail serverhome serve
Mail server
Short text messages sent via a text message service are typically fewer than how many characters?
Which of the following exists in the form of a single circuit board?rack servertower serverblade serverbay server
blade server
Your data center is looking to conserve space in its server room. Which of the following are you most likely to choose as a result?tower serverblade serverindexed serverprint server
blade server
If you are looking to use a Bluetooth device and do not want to extend its range with additional equipment, which of the following is the approximate distance you can expect between your device and the device with which it is transmitting data?
Your electric service has been failing with some frequency lately because of a lot of storms, and you are looking for more peace of mind when it comes to a reliable power source for your computer.

Which of the following could help provide an alternate or backup power source?GPSWi-FiUPSserver virtualization

You are storing a new worksheet online for members of your project team to be able to share access to it. What kind of computing is this an example of?
A thin, lightweight mobile computer that has a touch screen.
Which of the following is NOT a likely complaint of someone who spends his or her workday using the computer?lower back paineye strainhigh blood pressuremuscle fatigue
high blood pressure
Which of the following is not a part of a server?processornetwork connectionsstoragebundled software
bundled software
A computer with a screen in its lid and a keyboard in its base.
You go to your local town utility in order to pay your gas bill. Which of the following are you most likely to use?vending kioskfinancial kioskvisitor kioskutility kiosk
financial kiosk
Which of the following are the fastest, most powerful computers — and the most expensive?
Which of the following is housed in a bay within a metal frame?rack servertower serverblade serverbay server
Rack server
You have purchased a surge protector and you are happy with it, in part because it has the appropriate Joule rating.

To protect your equipment, your power strip should have a Joule rating of what?

You have just designed a device-tracking app for sale in the app marketplace. Which of the following are you least likely to use in your app?GPSWi-FiUNIXIP addresses
You are looking for a general-purpose port to connect two devices together. Which of the following is your best bet?ThunderboltDVIHDMIMini HDMI
A computer salesman refers to the shape and size of your new computer by a specific term. What term does he use?
Form factor
A friend of yours was talking on a mobile phone and her attention was diverted from something that was happening around her while she was on the phone.

What phenomenon does this illustrate?

Intentional blindness
You are inside a sports arena with your friend. Both of you have Wi-Fi devices. For the devices to communicate with each other, what is the maximum distance they can be apart in this closed space?
100 ft
Which of the following is the process of initiating contact between two Bluetooth devices and allowing them to communicate with each other?streamliningdiscoveringdockingpairing
You need to store and manage all the Microsoft Office files for your office. Which of the following are you most likely to use?
Storage server
Which of the following may need to happen before your Bluetooth headset can communicate with your smartphone?
They might need to be paired
Your Bluetooth headset is waiting for another Bluetooth device to locate its signal. What is this mode known as?
discoverable mode
A thief has unfortunately captured your ATM card number by placing a panel on top of the face of an ATM, which was virtually undetectable to you.

What is this technology called?

What is another name for a standby UPS?
Offline UPS
Which of the following would allow you to capture a series of images with your camera in rapid succession?a) rapid modeb) burst modec) quick moded) shooting mode
Burst mode
Which of the following is not true of the thin client on your desk at your office?a) It has extensive capabilities.b) It does not contain a hard disk.c) It looks like a desktop computer.d) It accesses data via the Internet.
It has extensive capabilities
Which of the following is an external device that provides connections to peripheral devices through ports built into the device?a) port replicatorb) universal serial bus portc) wireless port adapterd) docking station
Port replicator
At your local supermarket there is a kiosk that allows you to rent your favorite movie on DVD. Of which of the following is this an example?a) media kioskb) film kioskc) vending kioskd) photo kiosk
vending kiosk
Which of the following do large corporations use for business activities like billing millions of customers, preparing payroll for thousands of employees, and managing millions of items in inventory?a) embedded computersb) supercomputersc) mainframesd) mobiles devices
Which kind of keyboard projects an image of a keyboard on a flat surface?a) automaticb) virtualc) digitald) embedded
Which of the following types of computers targets a specific audience and offers high-quality audio, video, and graphics with optimal performance for sophisticated single-user and networked or Internet multiplayer games?a) multiplayerb) gaming desktopc) handheldd) encapsulated
gaming desktop
Which of the following is held with both hands and controls the movement and actions of players or objects in video games or computer games?a) joystickb) dance padc) gamepadd) balance board