- pain-controlling chemicals in the body - Increases pleasure & decreases pain
fatty substance
hormones are chemicals that are secreted and go directly into the:
send messages to other neurons
they receive messages from other neurons
involuntary muscles are controlled by which nervous system?
plays a critical role as a neurotransmitter that stimulates muscles to contract
Tim is overweight. His physician has decided to test him to see if there is a problem with the regulation of his metabolism. Which endocrine gland will be the focus of the diagnostic testing?
the hormone released by the pineal gland that reduces body temperature and prepares you for sleep
Peripheral Nervous System
the division of the nervous system that allows the brain and spinal cord to communicate with the sensory systems of the eyes, ears, skin, and mouth, and allows the brain and spinal cord to control the muscles and glands of the body
Isabella is putting mustard on her hot dog. She realizes she has put too much and sucks up some of it back into the squeeze bottle. This process is similar to?
The term "fire" when referring to neural transmission indicates that a neuron:
has received, in its dendrites, appropriate inputs from other neurons
Somatic Nervous System
subdivision of the peripheral nervous system that is made up of all nerves carrying messages from the central nervous system and all nerves carrying messages from the central nervous system to skeletal muscles
which structure of the hindbrain coordinates involuntary rapid fine-motor movement? - controls coordination of the body
a structure in the brainstem (hindbrain) responsible for life-sustaining functions, such as breathing and heart rate
- a specialized cell that makes up the nervous system that receives and sends messages within that system - Primary cell consisting of dendrites, soma, axon, myelin sheath, and axon terminals
Severe Epilepsy
Norma is a split-brain patient. We can infer that she likely has a history of?
Functions of the Right Hemisphere
- creative side - controls left hand - nonverbal - visual-spatial perception - muscle & artistic processing - emotional thought & recognition - processes the whole - pattern recognition - facial recognition
Spinal Cord
long bundle of neurons that functions as a carrier of messages from the body to the brain and from the brain to the body & is responsible for certain reflexes
- which part of the limbic system is very small but extremely powerful and controls the pituitary gland? - responsible for sympathetic nervous system, appetite, and sex drive
the part of the brain (limbic system) responsible for the formation of long-term memories
which part of the neuron is responsible for maintaining the life of the cell?
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
a brain-imaging method using radio waves and magnetic fields of the body to produce detailed images of the brain
Occipital Lobe
what section of the brain is located at the near and bottom of each cerebral hemisphere and contains the visual centers of the brain?
Parietal Lobe
which lobe contains the somatosensory cortex?
The Nervous System
complex network of cells that carries info to and from all parts of the body
Parasympathetic Nervous System
- the branch of the automatic nervous system that restores the body to normal functioning after arousal and is responsible for day-to-day functioning of the organs and glands - rest and digest
- excitatory or inhibitory - involved in sleep, mood, anxiety and appetite - neurotransmitter that plays a role in many psychological disorders
The Brain & Spinal Cord
central nervous system consists of what?
Temporal Lobes
which lobe contains the auditory cortex?
which part of the brain acts as a relay station for incoming sensory info?
Reticular Formation
what is responsible for the ability to selectively attend to certain kinds of info in one's surrounding and become alert to changes
Sensory Neurons
neurons that carry info from the senses to the spinal cord
Sympathetic Nervous System
part of the autonomic nervous system that is responsible for reacting to stressful events and bodily arousal
sex glands, which secrete hormones that regulate sexual development & behavior as well as reproduction
Glial Cell
a cell in the human nervous system whose primary function is to provide insulation and structure for neurons on which they may develop and work
a structure in the brain stem that plays a role in sleep, dreaming, left - right body coordination, & arousal
which structure in the limbic system is located near the hippocampus and is responsible for fear responses, memory of fear and emotions